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The Best Sports Nutritionists in Atlanta at Your Fingertips

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Find the Best Sports Nutritionists & Dietitians in Atlanta

At Top Nutrition Coaching, we’re proud to have some of the nation’s best sports nutritionists on our team. Our sports nutrition counselors have succeeded in helping thousands of amateur and professional athletes reach their health and fitness goals.

Rachel Gargano
Registered Dietitian
Rachel is a dedicated runner and triathlete whose passion for fitness perfectly complements her career as a registered dietitian specializing in sports nutrition. Rachel has a bachelor’s degree in exercise science from Skidmore College and a master’s degree in nutrition communications from Tufts University. In addition to her passion for sports dietetics, Rachel is an expert on maternal, infant, and pediatric nutrition and is a certified breastfeeding specialist.
Michelle Rodgers
Registered Dietitian
Michelle’s background as an EMT and personal trainer has served as excellent preparation for her career as a registered dietitian nutritionist specializing in sports nutrition and weight management. Michelle earned her bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from Penn State and completed her practical experience at the University of Virginia and Johns Hopkins University. Michelle has worked as a nutritionist for over two decades and has significant expertise in cardiac health, diabetes, high blood pressure, gastric bypass, and liver issues.
Jaelyn Shipman
Registered Dietitian
Jaelyn loves working with fitness lovers of all levels and backgrounds. She is also passionate about healthy eating, so becoming a sports nutritionist was the perfect career choice. In addition to her emphasis on sports dietetics, Jaelyn also helps individuals with weight loss, heart health, diabetes, and prenatal and postpartum nutrition. After graduation with a bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition from Clemson University, Jaelyn completed her dietetic internship at UNC Greensboro.
Danielle Smith
Registered Dietitian
Danielle is a lifelong athlete who uses nutrition to maximize her health and fitness, even in the face of several serious health conditions. As a registered dietitian with a bachelor’s degree from California State University at Northridge and over eight years of experience, Danielle is passionate about helping others become as strong and fit as possible, regardless of their medical history. In addition to focusing on sports nutrition, Danielle specializes in weight management, food allergies, eating disorders, diabetes, gut health, heart disease, and prenatal and postnatal nutrition.
Jordan Hill
Registered Dietitian
Jordan is a highly qualified registered dietitian who is passionate about sports nutrition. She earned a master’s degree in Clinical Dietetics from Oregon Health & Science University and earned bachelor’s degrees in Dietetics and Consumer Foods from the University of Georgia. In recent years, Jordan has expanded her expertise by specializing in weight loss, prenatal and postpartum nutrition, GI issues, and disordered eating.
Karin Evans
Registered Dietitian
As a registered dietitian nutritionist for over 20 years, Karin has guided her clients toward adopting a healthy, balanced, and mindful diet. In addition to general wellness, Karin mainly focuses on sports nutrition, weight loss, prenatal and postpartum nutrition, and disordered eating. Karin has a background in psychology, nutrition education, and intuitive eating and is currently working towards a doctorate in Health Education and Promotion.

Find a nutritionist who understands you - your goals, your challenges, your lifestyle.

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Before we can start creating your personalized nutrition and fitness plan, we need to know a little about you and where you are in your health journey.

Free 15-minute nutrition consultation

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As a prospective client, you’ll receive a complimentary nutrition consultation with one of our nutrition specialists. They’ll get to know your background, lifestyle, and health history and take time to understand your personal goals and specific reasons for seeking out a sports nutritionist.

Get matched to the right nutritionist

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Your consultation will equip the nutrition specialist with the relevant information to pair you with an expert sports nutritionist who has the right qualifications, experience, and strategy for your needs.

Intro call with your nutritionist

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We want you to feel entirely comfortable with your nutritionist and their strategy for getting you stronger and healthier. During your introductory session with your nutritionist, you’ll go over the personalized plan they’ve designed for you, so you can discuss any questions and concerns you may have.

Work with Top Nutrition Coaching

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By working with Top Nutrition Coaching, you’ll learn everything you need to know about fueling and taking care of your body, whatever your fitness and health goals may be. You’ll have a minimum of two sessions with your nutritionist every month, and they’ll keep you accountable and supported as you progress. In addition to your sports nutrition counseling sessions, your nutritionist will be available whenever you need them via our messaging service.
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Work with a sports nutritionist in Atlanta to achieve the athletic accomplishments you’ve always dreamed about

Free matching service that finds you the right nutritionist:

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You’ll have a free consultation with our nutrition specialist. They’ll pair you with a registered dietitian who is a sports nutrition expert and understands your personal fitness goals.

Virtual consultations with your expert, at your pace:

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Using our telehealth platform, you’ll have regular nutrition counseling sessions with your nutritionist to learn how to optimize your diet for maximum success in your chosen sport or activity.

Personalized nutrition and lifestyle plans:

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Considering your lifestyle, time constraints, and activity level, your sports nutritionist will design an easy-to-follow nutrition plan specifically tailored to your health and fitness goals.

Unlimited messaging and 24/7 support:

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We understand that you’ll have questions outside of appointment times. You can contact your nutritionist as frequently as you need to – and you can always expect a thoughtful reply.

Our client outcomes


Clients with IBS symptoms
reduced severity & frequency of IBS symptoms


Clients wanting weight loss
sustained target weight for longer than 12 months


Clients with diabetes
lowered their hb1ac levels and lost weight


Clients with kidney disease
improved symptoms of kidney disease

Benefits of Working with a Sports Nutritionist vs. Going It Alone

People accustomed to an active lifestyle can be fiercely competitive and independent. Yet they may be reluctant to seek help and support even when they stand to benefit from the expertise of a professional. This is often the case with individuals who want to improve their overall strength and sports performance.

Stop sifting through conflicting advice

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There’s no shortage of dieting tips for athletes. Whether it’s maxing out on protein, eliminating gluten, or supplementing with vitamins and minerals, there is plenty of information online about what’s best for people who want to get fit and strong. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of misinformation floating around. This conflicting guidance can sometimes lead people to make drastic decisions to the detriment of their athletic performance and health. 

Work with an expert as passionate about fitness as you are

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If you’re tired of relying on websites dispensing generic information about so-called high-performance diets, it might be time to consider working with a sports nutrition specialist. The sports nutritionists at Top Nutrition Coaching are passionate about helping their clients find an approach that meets their unique fitness needs, whether that’s training for a triathlon or regaining mobility after knee surgery. Many of our nutritionists are also personal trainers, so they understand the relationship between diet and exercise and how to modify them for overall wellness and athletic achievement.

Learn about the nutrients you need for optimal sports performance and recovery

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Our nutritionists are experts in the science of food. They understand which nutrients you need for goals such as building lean muscle, increasing speed, developing endurance, and avoiding sports-related injuries. They will create a nutrition plan that works with your fitness regimen and help you understand how different foods affect your body and its ability to perform and recover. With Top Nutrition Coaching, you’ll work with a highly qualified sports nutrition expert who has met our rigorous recruitment standards.

Your Personal Nutritionist in Atlanta Is Just a Click Away

There’s a good reason why many health and wellness providers are moving online. For Atlanta residents interested in working with a sports nutritionist, telehealth platforms such as Top Nutrition Coaching offer incredible convenience and unparalleled access to the leading health and nutrition experts in their respective fields. 


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We take great pride in having many of the nation’s leading sports nutrition experts on our team. We are incredibly selective in our hiring process and only accept around 3% of the nutritionists who apply to work with us. Our sports nutritionists are registered dietitians who have met the requirements to practice in the state of Georgia. They are all highly educated professionals with bachelor’s degrees in the nutrition sciences, and most have master’s degrees and additional qualifications, including certifications in personal training.


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Our sports nutritionists are passionate about their jobs and enjoy working with people of all backgrounds and levels. Our nutritionists have provided expert guidance to amateur soccer players, trail runners, competitive swimmers, and baseball teams about the best eating strategies to build strength and speed, prevent injuries, and hasten recovery times. They are equally excited to work with individuals who are just beginning their fitness journeys and want to get stronger and healthier. Our sports nutritionists have completed additional training in specialties such as weight loss, eating disorders, diabetes, heart disease, and pediatric nutrition. This training has prepared them to work with any individual – no matter how complex their health and fitness goals are. 


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Our nutritionists are more than just experts on protein, fat, and carbs. In addition to their academic qualifications and professional experience, they are also inspiring motivators who display professionalism and empathy when working with clients. They are supportive and empowering mentors who understand just how difficult the journey to better eating habits can be.We recognize that everyone has a unique personality, preferences, and approach to food and exercise, so working with a professional who shares your outlook is essential. We offer a complimentary nutrition consultation to all of our clients. Our nutrition specialist will get to know your background, motivations, and ambitions to pair you with the ideal sports nutritionist for your goals in this consultation. We’ll always work with you to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with your matched nutritionist.


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Our secure telehealth platform offers our clients maximum convenience and flexibility. You’ll never have to spend valuable time driving to appointments or rearranging your work schedule to meet with your nutritionist. Instead, you’ll have regular virtual consultations with one of the top sports nutritionists in the country – not just in the Atlanta area – at times that fit your busy schedule. You’ll be able to attend your appointment from anywhere – all you need is a device and an internet connection. With unlimited messaging and 24/7 support, you’ll be able to communicate with your specialist whenever you have questions or concerns.
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About Atlanta Specific Registered Dietitians

All of the nutritionists at Top Nutrition Coaching are registered dietitians. Many of our nutritionists hold additional certifications in specialties such as pregnancy nutrition, diabetes, pediatric nutrition, and oncology. 

Becoming a Registered Dietitian in Georgia 

The process of becoming a registered dietitian in Georgia is similar to that of other U.S. states.

All candidates must complete a bachelor’s degree or higher in a nutrition-related program approved by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics. In addition to the academic hours, all dietetics students in Georgia must complete an internship involving at least 900 hours of practical work in a professional setting. They must then pass the Commission on Dietetic Registration’s Registered Dietitian Examination before applying for Georgia licensure.

Continuing Professional Education

Registered dietitians who want to practice in Georgia must keep their certification current by completing 30 hours of continuing professional education every two years. This can include attending workshops and seminars or conducting research, although many professionals make use of this requirement by completing additional training in various specialties, such as sports nutrition, eating disorders, diabetes, cardiac issues, and kidney disease.

Get Over the Atlanta Hurdles and Get Back to Health

Atlanta is a great city, but it’s not always the easiest place to stick to a healthy, high-performance diet. For people trying to fine-tune their diet and maximize their athletic achievement, there are several barriers that can get in the way of consistently eating wholesome and nutritious food. 

Fresh food access is improving but is still somewhat limited

Thankfully, the fresh food landscape in Atlanta has improved in recent years. Seventy-five percent of Atlanta residents live within half a mile of a supermarket, neighborhood market, or grocery store, up from 52 percent in 2015. However, a quarter of Atlantans, especially those in less densely populated areas, still live in “food deserts.” 

This leaves residents – especially those without a vehicle – reliant on fast food, convenience stores selling processed meals, and takeout and delivery services. For individuals trying to get fit and excel in sports, the lack of regular access to fresh food is a significant hurdle to following the type of diet necessary for athletic achievement.

Busy days leave little time for healthy meal planning and preparation

Food deserts aren’t the only issues facing Atlantans. Many people who are passionate about improving their fitness are also incredibly busy with work and family commitments. There often isn’t enough time to read up on nutrition and prepare and eat the healthy meals necessary to fuel workout sessions properly.

An image of sports nutritionists

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes an expert nutritionist?

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We expect our sports nutritionists to be well-qualified and highly proficient experts in nutrition science in general and sports dietetics in particular. They must have a proven track record of success in motivating people of all ages, backgrounds, and activity levels to achieve their health and fitness goals. Our thorough vetting process means that fewer than 3% of the nutritionists who apply are invited to join Top Nutrition Coaching.

How much does a sports nutritionist cost in Atlanta?

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With a background in clinical nutrition, our nutrition specialists have the crucial task of pairing prospective clients with the sports nutritionist who is best suited to guide them towards their health and wellness objectives. Nutrition specialists consider factors about the client such as ability, activity level, medical history, and fitness goals. They pair this information with the relevant expertise of our nutritionists, including their knowledge of various sports and physical activities and the special training and certifications they have completed.

What does a two-week risk-free trial mean?

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The satisfaction of our clients underpins everything we do at Top Nutrition Coaching. You’ll receive a full refund if you feel that you aren’t benefiting from our services after attending nutrition counseling sessions for two weeks.

What does the nutrition specialist help with?

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With a background in clinical nutrition, our nutrition specialists have the crucial task of pairing prospective clients with the sports nutritionist who is best suited to guide them towards their health and wellness objectives. Nutrition specialists consider factors about the client such as ability, activity level, medical history, and fitness goals. They pair this information with the relevant expertise of our nutritionists, including their knowledge of various sports and physical activities and the special training and certifications they have completed.

What if I don’t like the recommendations the nutrition specialist provides?

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We are confident that our nutrition specialist will pair you with the ideal sports nutritionist for your goals. However, if you aren’t entirely happy with their recommendations, we’ll work with you to find a different expert who aligns more closely with your health and fitness needs.

Full Transparency Pros and Cons

The decisions you make about your diet can significantly impact your ability to participate and compete in the activities you love. We want you to feel good about your approach to nutrition, even if working with a nutritionist isn’t the right choice for you. Here are a few other options that you might want to consider.

Online Meal Plans


  • If you already know which nutrients your body needs for peak performance, specific meal plans may be able to provide that while saving you time on meal planning, preparation, and cooking. 
  • Some online meal plans cater to various dietary preferences, such as vegetarians and vegans, gluten-free diets, high protein diets, etc.


  • Athletes, particularly at the elite level, have precise nutrition needs. A generic eating plan cannot provide the specific proportions of nutrients that you need to fuel a particular training regimen. 
  • Online meal plans may have limited nutritional value, as they are often marketed to people trying to lose weight. A meal plan isn’t the same as a personalized nutrition plan that considers your training schedule and the type and intensity of your workouts. 
  • Online meal plans can be costly, especially compared to buying ingredients at the supermarket.

Diet Companies


  • Some diet companies are relatively inexpensive to work with, as long as you are happy to follow a standardized eating plan and have little to no live communication with nutritionists. 
  • Many diet companies have apps that allow you to track your progress, find out more information, and connect with other users.


  • There’s a big difference between trying to get fit and strong and losing weight. Some of the strategies promoted by dieting companies are aimed at people who want to see a lower number on the bathroom scale instead of athletes trying to build lean muscle.
  • Some diet companies may have an extreme approach to nutrition, such as restricting calories or eliminating certain foods. For highly active individuals who need plenty of calories to fuel their workouts, those special diets won’t provide enough nutrition to allow you to exercise safely. 
  • Diet companies usually offer a “one size fits all” eating plan that doesn’t consider an individual’s specific health profile, such as food sensitivities or high blood pressure. They certainly aren’t aimed at people with specific athletic goals, such as training for a marathon or increasing stamina on the soccer field. 

In-Person Sports Nutritionists


  • If you are a member of a gym or sports club, there may be a sports nutritionist available for appointments at the facility, which could be a convenient option. 
  • Some people may prefer working with an in-person sports nutritionist if they are worried about specific issues such as injuries and want to meet face-to-face in case an examination or diagnostic testing is needed.


  • In-person appointments limit you to sports nutritionists who work in Atlanta instead of having virtual access to leading sports nutritionists (and personal trainers) who have expertise in the specific sports and activities that matter to you. 
  • Atlanta is a major city with sprawling suburbs, making getting to appointments on the other side of town difficult, particularly when you have to fit them around your work schedule. It’s certainly less convenient than attending sessions from the comfort of your own home. 
  • Although Atlanta is home to some excellent nutrition professionals, they are in high demand, so you may not be able to get an appointment with one of the city’s best sports nutritionists. Top Nutrition Coaching pairs you with an expert who practices online so that you can schedule your initial consultation right away.

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