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Michelle Rodgers

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Overall Health & Wellness
Weight Management
Autoimmune Disease
Women's Health
Sports & Athletic Performance
Counseling approach:
Functional medicine
Exercise guidance
Personalized macros
Meal planning
Supplement management
Diagnostic lab testing
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What to expect in your first session with this dietitian?
Our 1st session will be a thorough assessment of your lifestyle, nutritional habits, exercise, medical information, and biometrics to help determine where you currently are and what we need to do to get you to your goals. Together, we'll explore your goals in greater detail and develop practical, realistic strategies to start achieving them. I'll provide some initial nutrition education to empower you with first steps you can begin implementing right away. I take a more comprehensive approach , as I have a passion for functional medicine. I aim to educate you so you feel empowered to make the right choices. Also, as a previous personal trainer, we will align your exercise to fit your goals. We will also discuss supplements, hormones, stress, hydration, sleep, and of course nutrition. By the end of the session, you'll have a clear understanding of your goals, personalized strategies to achieve them, and motivation to embark on your health journey.
Approach to care
I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritions with over 20 years of nutrition counseling experience, and earned my Personal Training Certification through AFAA in 1997. Throughout the years, I have been interviewed for nutrition-related topics by Prevention Magazine, The Patriot News, FOX43, WGAL, and the York Daily. Personally, I enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking, and just being active. I ran a marathon in Alaska, have run numerous 5K-10K hill climb races up the mountains in Colorado, and biked up the highest-paved road in America! I have always been passionate about nutrition, and wellness. My focus remains consistent - helping people lose weight, and improve health and wellness using customized meal plans and education.
I am close with my extended family and have 21 year old twins. I enjoy movie night, game night, or family get togethers. I value my health so I love anything active, but mostly hiking, walking, biking, kayaking, cross country skiing, or hitting the gym and lifting weights. I use to be more competitive as I ran a marathon in Alaska, ran numerous 5K-10K hill climb races up the mountains in Colorado, and biked up the highest-paved road in America! Now in my 50s, I still want to maintain my physique, but not work as hard and stay injury free. I believe in living my best life each day so eating clean is part of that. I like tasty meals that are convenient, have low prep time but healthy. A positive mindset is crucial so I am always looking to learn more about the mind body spirit connection. I also enjoy traveling and have an adventurous spirit. I love animals, being outside, and a good cup of coffee. I am passionate about learning so I listen to podcast regularly on the latest information and gadgets on health, wellness, fitness and nutrition. I am always looking for ways to become the best version of myself.
More About This Dietitian
I believe in a positive, non-judgmental sessions that focus on long-term lifestyle change. This begins by addressing any medical issues and medications and coming up with goals to work towards using a realistic, personalized plan.I believe in addressing the whole person- eating, exercise, mindset, hydration, stress, sleep, and supplements. My goal is to set you up to succeed while working at a pace you are comfortable with. It is important to get away from the all or nothing mindset and work foods in that you enjoy. I am big on education and focus on improving your health, vitality and energy while losing fat and increasing or maintaining lean muscle mass. Whether you are training for a sporting event, looking to decrease cholesterol/blood pressure/blood sugar, want to lose weight, or just eat healthier and feel better, I CAN HELP!
Education & Credentials
Graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelors of Science in Nutrition
Dietetic Internship at University of Virginia Health Sciences Center
Externship at Johns Hopkins
Certification in Adult Weight Management from ADA
Previous Certification in Personal Training and Fitness from AFAA
Previously Certified as an EMT (Emergency Medical Team)
Working on Functional Nutrition Certification
"This Dietitian helped me get my life back”
Gia M.

Michelle is Phenomenal, she has a great personality and is such a wealth of knowledge. Our family has learned so much about food and how to prepare meals. I always thought that I was eating healthy and was always upset that I wasn't seeing results. Michelle has helped us get off of that hamster wheel... Try the service, and definitely try Michelle. She is worth every penny!!

Sharon P.

One of the most supportive, forward thinking, thoughtful people I have ever worked with. Michelle would not allow me to give up but she softly pushed me forward to figure out the deeper rooted issues as it relates to losing weight! I will work with her again!

Liston D.

Michelle has been a great "partner" to work with on my health and fitness journey. She helped me navigate through adding more carbs into my diet for my training and had some great suggestions with supplements that I have added to my daily routine. Within a couple of weeks, we had lowered my body fat by 3% and increased my muscle mass by 6.2lbs. I highly recommend Michelle as she is top notched and has a wealth of knowledge.

Angie A.
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