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Find the Best Pediatric Nutritionists & Dietitians in Atlanta

Just like adults, kids can struggle with their eating habits. The pediatric nutritionists at Top Nutrition Coaching have extensive training and experience helping babies and children of all ages develop a positive relationship with food and their bodies. Whether you're dealing with breastfeeding issues, a picky toddler who won't try new foods, or a teenager with disordered eating habits, our pediatric specialists can design an accessible, easy-to-follow nutrition plan and help you follow it.

Dana Kearney
Registered Dietitian
Dana is a registered dietitian with nearly 20 years of experience working in the field of pediatric nutrition. She has worked with a wide range of clients, including newborns and infants, toddlers, children with food allergies, and adolescents struggling to maintain a healthy weight. She also enjoys working with pregnant and postpartum women, patients with cardiac issues or diabetes, and general wellness patients. Dana has both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in nutrition.
Rachel Gargano
Registered Dietitian
Rachel is passionate about helping her youngest clients nourish their bodies and live the healthiest possible lives. In addition to her bachelor's degree in exercise science and her master's degree in nutrition communications, Rachel is a certified breastfeeding specialist and has further infant and maternal nutrition certification. Besides working with infants, Rachel excels in helping adolescents and prenatal and postnatal mothers. She is also an avid athlete with a particular focus on sports nutrition.
Katie Wengryniuk
Registered Dietitian
Katie is a registered dietitian with a bachelor's degree in dietetics and a master's degree in clinical nutrition. She spent much of the last decade training and working at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic and developed her specialization in pediatrics at the Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital. In addition to working with infants, kids, and teenagers, Katie specializes in weight loss, GI issues, and general wellness.

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The first step in working with Top Nutrition Coaching is to answer a few questions on our website about your child's health and nutritional background.

Free 15-minute nutrition consultation

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One of our nutrition specialists will contact you for a complimentary nutrition consultation. The nutrition specialist will learn more about what you're hoping to achieve, what your child likes to eat, their personality and health needs, and other relevant factors.

Get matched to the right nutritionist

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The nutrition specialist will carefully review your details to decide which of our pediatric nutritionists is the best match for your child's nutritional needs, based on education, training, specializations, and previous experience working with similar clients.
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Work with a pediatric nutritionist in Atlanta to equip your child with healthy habits to help them flourish and grow

Free matching service that finds you the right nutritionist

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Our nutrition specialist will carefully look at your child's health needs, background, and wellness goals and pair your family with the ideal pediatric nutritionist for your unique circumstances.

Virtual consultations with your expert, at your pace

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Connect with your pediatric nutritionist at least twice a month using our secure telehealth platform. You can discuss your child's health goals, track their progress, and develop your understanding of nutrition in a relaxed environment – your own home.

Personalized nutrition and lifestyle plans

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Nutritional problems are challenging – but they're even more difficult for young people with special health needs or chronic conditions. From extreme food allergies to childhood cancer to developmental disorders, a good nutrition plan is crucial for improving the quality of life for both children and their families. Our pediatric nutritionists understand that it is extremely important to communicate and collaborate with the other health professionals involved in your child's life. If your child has complex needs, your pediatric nutritionist will devise a clinical nutrition plan to complement your child's care from their doctors and other medical professionals. They can also prescribe medical nutrition therapy if necessary.

Intro call with your nutritionist

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During the introductory call, your pediatric nutritionist will outline their strategy for helping you with your child's nutrition challenges. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss concerns, and decide whether their approach is the right fit.

Benefits of Working with a Pediatric Nutritionist vs. Going It Alone

There are many reasons why young people struggle with food. In most cases, there is a complex interplay of factors that can be difficult for parents to unravel, especially when you're constantly worried about your child's health and whether they're getting the proper nutrients. A pediatric nutritionist has the knowledge, training, and experience to assess your child's situation and thoughtfully create an easy-to-follow program to assist them with their nutritional needs. 

Here are some of the key benefits of working with a pediatric nutrition professional:

Support for Newborns and Toddlers

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Not being able to ask your child what's wrong is one of the most complex parts of parenting during infancy and early childhood. Maybe your baby refuses to try new foods, or maybe your toddler throws tantrums during mealtimes. You know you need to do something, but what? Working with a skilled pediatric nutritionist can help you determine the root causes of feeding issues. If you're struggling with pain during breastfeeding or preparing meals that your toddler will finish, don't be afraid to seek help. Pediatric specialists are trained to handle these exact situations.

Early Detection of Food Allergies, Intolerances, and Sensitivities

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Babies and toddlers can’t verbalize how they feel about food and how it affects them, so it's up to adults to look out for a sign that something is wrong. Many young people with food sensitivities sometimes go months or even years without a diagnosis. This can put them at risk if they are suddenly exposed to an allergen and exhibit symptoms for the first time. If you think your child may have food allergies, sensitivities, or intolerances, you can always contact a pediatric nutritionist for early screening. The professionals at Top Nutrition Coaching have years of training and experience that will help them determine the source of the problem and devise the necessary treatment plan.

Special Training in Working With Children with Complex Needs

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Nutritional problems are challenging – but they're even more difficult for young people with special health needs or chronic conditions. From extreme food allergies to childhood cancer to developmental disorders, a good nutrition plan is crucial for improving the quality of life for both children and their families. Our pediatric nutritionists understand that it is extremely important to communicate and collaborate with the other health professionals involved in your child's life. If your child has complex needs, your pediatric nutritionist will devise a clinical nutrition plan to complement your child's care from their doctors and other medical professionals. They can also prescribe medical nutrition therapy if necessary.

Our client outcomes


Clients with IBS symptoms
reduced severity & frequency of IBS symptoms


Clients wanting weight loss
sustained target weight for longer than 12 months


Clients with diabetes
lowered their hb1ac levels and lost weight


Clients with kidney disease
improved symptoms of kidney disease

Your Personal Nutritionist in Atlanta Is Just a Click Away

With an online pediatric nutritionist just a click away, it's easy to get answers to your most pressing worries about your children's health. If you're considering telehealth for the first time, don't worry. We're here to explain why Top Nutrition Coaching is an excellent choice for your family's nutritional needs.


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When you choose Top Nutrition Coaching, we'll connect you with a pediatric nutritionist who has completed all of the training required to become a registered dietitian (RD) – the highest level of certification in the nutrition field. All of our RDs have a bachelor's degree in nutrition science or a closely related field, and most have earned master's degrees. Our pediatric dietitians have completed additional training and earned further certifications to become pediatric specialists. Many of our pediatric team members are also certified in breastfeeding and infant and maternal health and other specializations such as weight loss, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, sports nutrition, and more. This training allows them to combine their broad knowledge to design the best nutrition plan for your family, no matter how complex your child's health needs may be.


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All of our pediatric nutritionists have spent years working with kids of all ages in various health care settings, both online and in-person. They've counseled parents with premature infants, picky toddlers, and kids with food intolerances. They've also helped teenagers tackle their weight control issues and recover from eating disorders. We're proud to say that our team members have a proven track record of helping their clients achieve their nutrition goals and make sustainable dietary adjustments.


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At Top Nutrition Coaching, we only hire the best pediatric nutritionists. We have a very selective hiring process involving interviews with leading nutrition experts and complex case studies that prospective candidates must successfully work through. We look beyond degrees, training, and even years of experience to choose nutritionists who have the personality, professionalism, creativity, and resiliency to succeed as online pediatric specialists. Our vetting process is so thorough that we invite fewer than 3% of candidates to join Top Nutrition Coaching. We're so confident about the quality of our nutritionists and their ability to help your family that we offer our clients a two-week risk-free trial.


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The convenience of working with an online nutritionist is a significant advantage. Rather than searching for an appointment or waiting for weeks or even months on a waiting list for a nutritionist in the Atlanta area, we'll pair you with a pediatric specialist who has immediate availability. You could start your sessions within just a few days of your initial nutrition consultation. Online nutrition counseling also offers incredible flexibility – you can schedule sessions at times that work for your family. We understand that you have numerous demands on your time, so we offer appointments at various times of the day. You won't have to contend with Atlanta traffic or transportation issues to get to your nutritionist's office – they'll all take place from the comfort of home. In addition to your scheduled sessions, your pediatric nutritionist is always available to answer questions or discuss your concerns. Just send them a message if you are wondering about a particular ingredient, struggling with mealtimes, or if you want to discuss your child's progress.

About Atlanta Specific Registered Dietitians

Becoming a registered dietitian in Georgia is similar to the process in the rest of the United States. All of the nutritionists at Top Nutrition Coaching are registered dietitians. They have completed additional training to become specialists in areas such as pediatric nutrition, pregnancy nutrition, sports nutrition, diabetes, GI issues, and more. 

Here are the key steps involved in becoming an RD: 

  1. All prospective RDs must complete a bachelor's or master's degree in nutrition science (or a related subject) that is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND).
  2. Following their degree, candidates complete a dietetic internship involving at least 900 hours of practical, hands-on work in a health care setting, such as a doctor's office, hospital, or clinic. 
  3. They must pass the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) exam before applying for licensure as a registered dietitian.
  4. Registered dietitians must maintain their licensure and registration every two years by completing 30 hours of continuing professional education. Most RDs use this opportunity to develop their specializations or pursue additional qualifications.

Get Over the Atlanta Hurdles and Get Back to Health 

Atlanta is a great city, but it isn't always the healthiest place to raise a family. With a significant proportion of overweight or obese residents, car dependency, and somewhat limited areas for walking and biking, it can be challenging for Atlanta residents to ensure that their kids are consistently making healthy decisions. 

Childhood obesity and lifestyle factors

Unfortunately, Georgia has one of the nation's highest obesity rates, which takes a significant toll on the health of Atlanta's kids. The availability of fast food, limited time for families to cook and enjoy nutritious meals together, and many children preferring screen time over outdoor physical activities have contributed to thousands of children and adolescents in Atlanta struggling with their health and fitness from an early age. 

Reliance on cars and a lack of pedestrianized and bike-friendly areas

Although Atlanta has options for public transportation, many residents rely on vehicles to get around. The size of the city and the lack of pedestrianized and bike-friendly areas make it difficult to walk to work or school, so kids get used to depending on cars for even relatively short trips. These habits can lead to sedentary behavior and a dislike of walking and cycling, even though these are healthier, cheaper, and more environmentally-friendly modes of transportation than driving. 

However, the good news is that with gradual behavioral and dietary adjustments and swapping unhealthy foods for nutritious alternatives, kids and teens have an excellent chance to control their weight and maintain an active lifestyle as they move towards adulthood.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes an expert nutritionist?

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We expect all of our nutritionists to be experts. Being an expert nutritionist involves completing the education, internship, and examination requirements to become a registered dietitian. We expect our RDs to have completed additional training to specialize in a particular area of nutrition, such as pediatrics. Expert nutritionists also have substantial experience helping clients of all ages and backgrounds make sustainable adjustments and reach their overall health goals. The nutritionists at Top Nutrition Coaching have completed these requirements and consistently demonstrate empathy and professionalism when working with their clients.

How much does a pediatric nutritionist cost in Atlanta?

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Because pediatric nutritionists set their rates based on education, qualifications, experience, and geographic location, you will encounter a wide range of acceptable hourly rates for pediatric nutritionists in Atlanta. A typical one-hour session can cost around $60 to $90, although your first visit could cost twice that amount. The registered dietitians at Top Nutrition Coaching also set their own rates, which are very competitive compared to most Atlanta pediatric nutritionists.

What does a two-week risk-free trial mean?

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Clients have the opportunity to try out Top Nutrition Coaching for two weeks with no risk or obligation, giving you time to decide whether our services are helpful for your family. If, after two weeks, you decide that you don't want to continue having sessions with your pediatric nutritionist, we'll provide you with a full refund.

What does the nutrition specialist help with?

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Our nutrition specialist will assist you in finding the ideal pediatric nutritionist for your family. During your nutrition consultation, you'll discuss your concerns and reasons for seeking help from a nutritionist. The nutrition specialist will delve into your child's situation and then match you with a pediatric specialist who has the knowledge, experience, personality, and approach to create the perfect nutrition program for you.

What if I don't like the recommendations the nutrition specialist provides?

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Although our nutrition specialists are usually very successful in pairing clients and experts, occasionally, the match isn't the best fit. If you aren't entirely satisfied with your nutritionist or their approach to your child's health, please let us know, and we will find you a different nutritionist.

Full Transparency Pros and Cons 

We firmly believe that our telehealth services offer the best way to get pediatric nutrition support when you need it. However, there are other options that you may want to consider when confronted with a nutrition challenge. Here are some of the pros and cons of alternative options. 

Online Nutrition Resources


  • You can visit the CDC and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services websites to get valuable tips and advice on topics such as childhood obesity, food intolerances, and essential nutrients.
  • These resources can be especially useful for young people with special diets – for example, vegetarian, high protein, or gluten-free diets.


  • A vast amount of incorrect and misleading information can pop up during an internet search, especially when it comes to topics relating to children's health and nutrition. 
  • Although useful nutrition information from reputable sources is available online, it is generic and won't be tailored to your child's specific health profile. 

In-Person Pediatric Nutritionists


  • In some cases, your child may need to be seen by various specialists, so an in-person visit to a medical office could be more suitable.
  • Some insurance providers may at least partly cover the cost of consultations with a pediatric nutritionist in their network.


  • You have to travel to attend in-person appointments, which can be challenging when they are on the other side of Atlanta and you have a child to bring with you.
  • By choosing an in-person nutritionist, you are limited to practitioners in the Atlanta area rather than experts from across the country who provide virtual consultations. You may also have to go onto a waiting list before meeting with a local nutritionist.
  • Attending an appointment at a medical practice, doctor's office, or hospital may put you and your child at risk of exposure to Covid-19 or other viruses.
  • Very few in-person nutritionists offer unlimited out-of-hours messaging, which is a feature of Top Nutrition Coaching's online service.

Diet Companies


  • In a few cases, older teenagers trying to maintain a healthy weight may want to follow the guidance and structure of a standard diet plan themselves.
  • Many diet companies have interactive apps that can help people track their weight, look at nutritional charts, and compare the caloric value of various foods.


  • Very few diet companies offer plans specifically designed for young people who have weight management issues – the programs are usually aimed at adults.
  • Most diet companies focus on caloric restriction, which is an unsustainable way for people to lose weight, no matter how old they are.
  • Children need precise amounts of nutrients in their diet. For kids, dieting can be dangerous and permanently damage their metabolic health or lead to an eating disorder.

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