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Marlyne Perez

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I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a Master's degree in Dietetics and over 12 years of counseling experience. Personally, I’ve completed multiple races including the Honolulu marathon, the Great Aloha Run (where I placed top 10 in my female/age group category), and several Spartan races of varying lengths. I have also personally struggled with digestive issues since high school. They became more of the norm than anything, and it wasn’t until a few years back when I began learning about how to heal the gut with the right nutritionand treat the root cause of elevated stress and cortisol levels, that I was able to heal my gut with nutrition and supplementation. This increased my energy, improved my athletic performance and decreased brain fog, among other physiological benefits. My specialty areas as a dietitian include helping clients manage chronic medical conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, weight management, sports nutrition, and those who desire to improve gut health and overall well-being. Helping people improve their quality of life gives me incredible joy!
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Education & Credentials

BA in Media Studies from the University of Southern Maine
MS in Dietetics from Eastern Michigan University
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Physique and Bodybuilding Coach from the National Academy of Sports Medicine

Areas of Expertise

Weight Management
12 years
Body Composition/Weight Management
10 years
Athletic Performance/Sports
7 years
Diabetes (Gestational, Pre, Type 2, Insulin Dependent)
12 years
Heart Health (CHF, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure)
12 years
Liver Disease (Cirrhosis, Fatty Liver)
12 years
Renal (CKD Stages 1-5, Dialysis, Kidney Stones)
12 years
Oncology (Prevention)
3 years
Gut Health (IBS, IBD, SIBO)
12 years
Mediterranean Diet
12 years
Pediatrics (Picky Eating, Weight Management)
4 years
8 years
Women's Health (PCOS, Menopause)
2 years
2 years
Food Allergies
10 years


F7 Warrior Wellness, F^7, LLC
US Department of Veteran Affairs
Chiricahua Community Health Centers
US Army Medical Command, Schofield Barracks
Caduceus Healthcare, INC, Schofield Barracks
Saint Luke's Cardiovascular Consultants
Kindred Hospital Northland
Searmar Community Health Centers, WIC

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My coaching style

I believe that you are important, deserve to feel good, and that you can achieve your goals, even if they seem overwhelming. I believe that you can do this, and I am here to help you! We cannot reach the top of a mountain without climbing it, step-by-step, right? The destination is the mountain top but it’s the small, intentional steps that will help us get there. This is how we will work together—by breaking up our big goals into smaller ones that we can focus on and achieve one by one. Wellness is a rewarding journey and you are not alone! With a good, dedicated mentor by your side, you CAN achieve optimal health and wellness. I look forward to working with you!
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You are worthy and capable of achieving your health and wellness goals. I’ll be alongside you as your mentor and guide toward optimal wellbeing!
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Marlyne Perez


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Marlyne Perez
Marlyne is a great support. She's very knowedgeable and clear in communicating information. She helped me make some shifts in what I eat when and how I combine foods. I really appreciate the practical guidance that she provides and her understanding of my life circumstances.
Susan G.
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Verified client
Marlyne was very helpful in educating me on making better choices and implementing more nutrient dense food into my diet
Madelyn W.
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Verified client
She always gives me personalized advice and she always explains everything
Sara D.
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Verified client
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