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Find the Best Weight Loss Nutritionists & Dietitians in Los Angeles

When you choose nutrition counseling with Top Nutrition Coaching, you’ll be matched with one of the top weight loss nutritionists in the country. All of the weight loss specialists in our network are registered dietitians with years of experience helping people make meaningful, sustainable changes to stay at a healthy weight.

Emma Liu
Registered Dietitian
In addition to being a certified dietitian nutritionist, Emma’s interest in health education and health promotion has led her to earn a Master of Public Health degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She specializes in weight management and is particularly interested in the use of nutrition in the prevention of chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.
Jordan Hill
Registered Dietitian
Jordan earned her master’s degree in Clinical Dietetics from Oregon Health & Science University and now has 5 years of experience as a registered dietitian nutritionist. Jordan excels at working with athletes and pregnant and postpartum women, as well as focusing on weight management and gut health. She is passionate about exercise and sports nutrition and she has even worked with the Chicago Cubs.
Karin Evans
Registered Dietitian
Karin’s vast experience as a nutritionist is matched only by her empathy and care for her clients. For over two decades, Karin has successfully guided clients to reach a healthy weight and, just as importantly, to feel comfortable in their relationship with food. Her other areas of expertise include sports nutrition, disordered eating, and prenatal and postpartum nutrition, and she also has a background in psychology. She is currently working towards her doctorate in Health Education and Promotion.
Dana Kearney
Registered Dietitian
Through her work as a clinical dietitian for over 20 years, Dana has gained expertise in numerous specialties. She is particularly interested in helping families develop a healthy relationship with food through her focus on pediatric nutrition, including working with infants with feeding difficulties. She is also an expert on prenatal nutrition, weight loss counseling, and issues relating to heart disease and diabetes. Dana has a master’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Marywood University.
Rachel Coury
Registered Dietitian
Rachel is an experienced nutrition counselor, registered dietitian, and weight loss counselor who is passionate about helping people manage long-term health conditions such as heart disease through the use of medical nutrition therapy. Following her graduation from Clemson University with a bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition, she has worked as a nutritionist for over 10 years and currently serves as a mentor to University of Maryland nutrition interns.
Stacey Simon
Registered Dietitian
Stacey has been involved in nutrition counseling for over 8 years as a certified dietitian nutritionist. She has expertise in a wide range of specialties, such as diabetes, kidney disease, and heart health. She also specializes in intuitive eating and has significant experience working with older adults. In addition to her bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Science from the University of Connecticut, Stacey has a master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition from New York University,
Manju Karkare
Registered Dietitian
In her 30 years of working as a registered dietitian, Manju has developed her skills as an expert nutritionist specializing in weight management, chronic illnesses, and gut health. She also excels at working on issues relating to heart health, disordered eating, oncology, and diabetes. She has contributed to numerous scientific articles and holds a master’s degree in Nutrition from the University of Kentucky.
Danielle Smith
Registered Dietitian
Danielle is a dietitian nutritionist with a bachelor’s degree from California State University at Northridge who frequently incorporates her experience as an athlete and personal trainer into her work. She has been a registered dietitian for over 8 years and she excels in the specialties of weight management and sports nutrition. Despite her active lifestyle and love of exercise, Danielle has faced her own health struggles over the years, and she is passionate about using nutrition as a pathway to optimal health outcomes, both for herself and her clients.
Jaelyn Shipman
Registered Dietitian
A registered dietitian, Jaelyn specializes in prenatal and postpartum nutrition and has substantial expertise in weight management, heart health, and diabetes management and prevention. Jaelyn completed her bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition at Clemson University, followed by a dietetic internship at UNC Greensboro. Jaelyn is also passionate about sports nutrition and loves working with athletes of all levels and abilities.
Meghan Perkins
Registered Dietitian
As exemplified in her work as a registered dietitian in a variety of clinical environments, Meghan is passionate about helping people lose weight and improve their renal health and heart health. She is an expert on diabetes management and prevention. Meghan has put her bachelor's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Northern Colorado to use through her work in both private practice and nonprofit health care settings.
Katie Wengryniuk
Registered Dietitian
Katie’s excellence as a registered dietitian led her to spend 8 years training and working at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic. Her varied interests range from weight loss and diabetes to gut health and pediatric nutrition. She is currently completing additional training in integrative and functional nutrition to complement her master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition from Rush University.
Michelle Rodgers
Registered Dietitian
Michelle’s background as a certified personal trainer and EMT serves her well in her career as a registered dietitian nutritionist, as she is passionate about both sports nutrition and helping people reach a healthy weight. Her varied work history has ranged from athletic clubs and regional medical centers to large hospitals and private practice. She has a bachelor’s degree from Penn State and she completed her clinical experience at the University of Virginia and Johns Hopkins.

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Get started on the path to a healthy weight by completing a short online health assessment. This will give us a general idea of your health and weight loss objectives.

2. Free 15-minute nutrition consultation

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You’ll be invited to take part in a free 15-minute nutrition consultation with one of our knowledgeable nutrition specialists. They’ll find out more about your specific circumstances such as eating preferences, activity level, time constraints, medical history, and more.

3. Get matched to the right nutritionist

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Using the information provided during your nutrition consultation, the nutrition specialist will match your weight loss objectives and health needs with the nutritionist who has the optimal qualifications, experience, and approach to help you achieve your goals.

4. Intro call with your nutritionist

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You’ll get to know your weight loss nutritionist during an introductory call. This is your opportunity to ensure that you are satisfied with your nutritionist and the personalized plan they have designed for you.

5. Work with Top Nutrition Coaching

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Working with Top Nutrition is about much more than meal planning - it’s about learning to understand what your body needs to thrive. You’ll have at least two virtual nutrition counseling sessions per month, as well as unlimited messaging and 24/7 support from your nutritionist. During your sessions, your nutritionist will track your progress, provide you with accountability and guidance, and respond to your input to adapt your plan as needed.
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Benefits of working with a weight loss nutritionist vs. going at it alone

In a city where everyone seems to be obsessed with their looks, trying to lose weight can be a stressful and lonely endeavor. That’s why LA residents are turning to the experts. If you’ve never thought about working with a weight management nutritionist, it might be time to consider the benefits of getting professional guidance to reach the healthy weight you’ve always dreamed about.

Stop jumping from diet to diet – work with a highly qualified expert instead

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Chances are, you’ve been bombarded by ads offering quick weight loss solutions or heard about trendy diets that promise immediate results. You may have tried a variety of diets in the past, with conflicting guidance and limited success. The problem is, there’s no magic pill or “perfect” diet plan that will prevent you from gaining weight. In almost all cases, dieting doesn’t work, especially long term. It can even be dangerous for your body by damaging your metabolism through excessive caloric restriction. The way forward is by making small changes to your diet and adopting sustainable eating and lifestyle habits. That’s where a certified nutrition professional can help.

Let our nutritionists create the ideal nutrition plan for your lifestyle, needs, and goals

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At Top Nutrition Counseling, we firmly believe in the importance of learning about our clients before making any recommendations for losing weight. We’ll get to know your medical history, activity level, demands on your time, previous dieting attempts, food preferences, and work and home situation. This information will help us to compile a complete understanding of your health and wellness needs and will inform the personalized weight loss plan that we create for you. As you take part in regular nutrition counseling sessions with your nutritionist, they’ll keep track of your progress and adapt the plan as necessary.

Our nutritionists have guided thousands of clients to weight loss success – why not you?

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All of our weight management nutritionists are registered dietitians with at least a bachelor’s degree in the nutrition sciences. Most of our experts have master’s degrees and further certifications, too. And, most importantly, they have experience. Lots and lots of experience. They’ve completed internships and worked in a variety of health care settings. They’ve advised clients from all over the country – including many in the Los Angeles area – to find the weight control strategies that work best for them. In addition to their expertise in weight management, our nutritionists also specialize in working with clients with high blood sugar, heart problems, GI issues, food sensitivities, and more. So no matter how complicated (or how simple) your situation may be, we’re confident that one of our expert nutritionists will be able to guide you towards healthy habits and weight loss success.

5. Work with Top Nutrition Coaching

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Working with Top Nutrition is about much more than meal planning - it’s about learning to understand what your body needs to thrive. You’ll have at least two virtual nutrition counseling sessions per month, as well as unlimited messaging and 24/7 support from your nutritionist. During your sessions, your nutritionist will track your progress, provide you with accountability and guidance, and respond to your input to adapt your plan as needed.

Our client outcomes

Achieved sustained weight loss (>12 months)
Reduced frequency and severity of binges
had improved energy and mobility
improved sleep and reduced levels of stress

Your Personal Nutritionist in Los Angeles Is Just a Click Away

Over the last few years, an increasing number of health and wellness services have moved online, offering clients greater choice, flexibility, and convenience – not to mention better access to highly qualified professionals. Read on to find out why virtual nutrition counseling is an excellent option for Los Angeles residents and why Top Nutrition Coaching can rightly boast about having one of the best networks of online nutritionists in the country.


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When it comes to convenience and accessibility, online nutrition counseling is truly a game changer. Thanks to telehealth platforms, you will never be restricted to the practitioners who happen to live in your local area in Los Angeles. Instead, you can connect with a certified nutritionist whose expertise matches up precisely with your health and nutrition needs – no matter where they live. With Top Nutrition Counseling, you’ll never have to travel across town to attend an in-person appointment. You can schedule appointments on your terms and ensure that you are meeting with your nutritionist at a time that works for you, all from the comfort of home.

No Risk, Pay if Satisfied

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It’s very important to us that our clients feel comfortable and supported throughout their weight loss journey, which is why we take the time to match you with the nutritionist whose background, areas of expertise, and approach are the best fit for you. If you aren’t satisfied with your matched expert, our nutrition specialist will work with you to find another nutritionist. We are also proud to offer a risk-free two-week trial period so that our clients can be sure that they’ll benefit from working with one of our nutrition experts.


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As a telehealth provider, we can recruit and hire certified nutritionists from anywhere in the world. This allows us to be incredibly selective about who we invite to join our team. Our hiring process is so thorough that we currently accept fewer than 3% of the candidates who apply. All of our nutritionists are registered dietitians who have completed bachelor’s degrees in the nutrition sciences and dietetic internships to become properly certified in the state of California. Our nutritionists are leaders in their field and many have contributed to scientific publications. Most of our nutritionists have master’s degrees and some are currently working on their doctorates. Many of our nutrition professionals are also personal trainers.


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Our nutritionists have worked in a wide range of settings, from general hospitals and health clinics to private practice and universities. Every member of our team is an expert in several nutrition specialties, including weight loss, heart health, diabetes, prenatal and postpartum nutrition, sports nutrition, renal health, and pediatric nutrition. This ensures that you will always be matched with a professional who is passionate and highly knowledgeable about the nutrition topics that matter to you.

About Los Angeles Specific Registered Dietitians

All of the nutritionists at Top Nutrition Coaching have been certified as registered dietitians and are approved to practice in the state of California. Many of our nutritionists have also completed master’s degrees and further qualifications to gain additional expertise in their areas of specialization. 

Certification as a Registered Dietitian in California 

To become a registered dietitian in Los Angeles, you must hold a bachelor’s degree from an Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics-approved program. You will need to complete both the academic and experiential requirements, as well as a dietetic internship comprising 1,200 hours of practical experience. Following the internship, there is a mandatory Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) exam that all candidates must pass to become certified. 

Continuing Professional Education

Even after becoming a registered dietitian, the CDR expects nutritionists to continue their education and career advancement through continuing education. This involves completing 75 hours of continuing professional education every 5 years to maintain certification as a registered dietitian. As part of this process, many dietitians choose to study one or more specialties such as oncology nutrition, sports dietetics, or pediatric nutrition. 

Get Over the Los Angeles Hurdles and Get Back to Health

In a city as image-conscious as Los Angeles, struggling with your weight can be an incredibly isolating experience. From magazines and billboards to dieting gimmicks and weight loss clinics, the city is saturated with messages about how important it is to be slim. But what many Los Angeles residents truly crave is a meaningful, sustainable path to a healthy diet and lifestyle. 

Image vs. Reality in Los Angeles

People outside of Los Angeles frequently imagine the city to be populated with movie stars and supermodels, with everyone spending their time lounging at the beach or going to nightclubs. In reality, though, it’s a city like any other, with infrastructure problems, an abundance of unhealthy food, and health care inaccessibility. Nearly a quarter of Los Angeles County residents are obese, which puts them at much greater risk for health conditions such as heart disease, high cholesterol, and diabetes. 

Transportation challenges 

Anyone who has ever lived in Los Angeles will be intimately familiar with the city’s transportation issues. From traffic jams to lengthy bus routes, getting around the city can be challenging and time-consuming – not to mention expensive. This can make attending doctor’s appointments, exercise classes, and nutrition workshops nearly impossible. It also means that many Angelenos live a significant distance away from the nearest supermarket that stocks fresh, affordable foods. Certain parts of the city have even been classified as “food deserts.”

Reliance on familiar routines 

Regardless of where you live in LA, consistently eating healthy foods and getting enough exercise isn’t necessarily straightforward. Many Angelenos work incredibly long hours at stressful jobs and live with family pressures such as taking care of their children or elderly relatives. There just isn’t always enough time to create balanced meals that require grocery shopping, finding appropriate recipes, and extensive food preparation, not to mention complications such as food allergies and the different preferences of various family members. Often, sticking to easy, well-known meals and routines is a necessity for people trying to meet the demands of school and work. And when it comes to nutrition, it can be difficult to know how to change the status quo on your own. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes an expert nutritionist?

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We only hire registered dietitians who are the top experts in their field. Due to our intensive vetting process, fewer than 3% of candidates are accepted to work for Top Nutrition Coaching. Our weight loss team consists of clinical nutrition specialists who have helped thousands of people to lose weight, adopt good eating habits, and take care of their bodies.

How much does a weight loss nutritionist cost in Los Angeles?

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The rate charged by dietitian nutritionists in Los Angeles depends on several factors and can range from $90 to over $200 per session. Our weight loss nutritionists set their own rates, which take into account their educational attainment, additional certifications and qualifications, professional experience, and special areas of expertise. These rates are competitive with other top Los Angeles nutritionists who specialize in helping clients lose weight.

What does a two-week risk-free trial mean?

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Client satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why Top Nutrition Coaching offers you two weeks to work with a weight loss nutritionist, completely risk-free. If you’re not satisfied at the end of the trial period and want to stop using our services, we’ll provide you with a full refund.

What does the nutrition specialist help with?

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Our nutrition specialists have a background in clinical nutrition, which helps them match you with an expert nutritionist based on your lifestyle, eating habits, sleep schedule, exercise level, medical history, and other relevant factors. They’ll also get to know your weight loss goals before assessing which of our nutritionists is likely to be the best match.

What if I don't like the recommendations a nutrition specialist provides?

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It’s important for you to connect with and trust your nutrition professional so that you can reap the benefits of their advice and expertise. If you aren’t satisfied with the recommendations provided by our nutrition specialist, we’ll work with you to select another nutritionist who is more closely aligned with your goals and approach.

Full Transparency Pros and Cons

We firmly believe that working with our team of certified nutritionists is one of the best options for getting to a healthy range with your weight. However, there are many weight loss programs out there, and we want you to choose the one that you feel most comfortable with. Here are a few other options that you might want to consider for your weight loss journey.  

In-Person Weight Loss Nutritionists


  • Some people feel more comfortable attending in-person appointments, especially if they are unfamiliar with video conferencing technology or simply prefer being in the same room as their nutrition counselor.
  • An in-person nutritionist could be a good option if one of your friends or family members has recommended a certain professional in your area.
  • Many nutritionists work out of hospitals or clinics, which gives them collaborative access to other health professionals and diagnostic tools such as blood tests. This usually isn’t an option with virtual consultations.


  • If you choose to work with an in-person nutritionist, you are limited to LA-based practitioners who may not be the best in their field or the best suited to help you. By choosing an online nutrition platform, you have access to experts based all over the country, including those with the medical specialties and clinical experience to match your needs. 
  • Attending an in-person appointment with a nutritionist can involve complicated travel and logistical arrangements, especially for busy professionals, those with young children, and people with mobility issues. With an online nutritionist, you can attend all appointments from home, at convenient times that fit your schedule.
  • Usually, clients don’t have the option to communicate with their nutritionist outside of scheduled appointments, whereas an online nutritionist can be contacted via messaging at any time of the day or night.

Diet Companies


  • Some people may benefit from following a commercial dieting plan if they have enough time to fully adhere to the program and already have a thorough understanding of their body’s nutritional needs.
  • In some cases, subscribing to a diet program may be cheaper than working one-on-one with a nutritionist. That being said, many diet companies require their clients to purchase special foods, attend expensive seminars, or subscribe to pricey meal plans.


  • Following a strict diet plan doesn’t lead to healthy habits or sustainable weight loss. Frequently, the prescriptiveness of the program can lead to overeating and an unhealthy cycle of weight loss followed by excess weight gain.
  • Severely restricting caloric intake and portion sizes can result in people developing an unhealthy relationship with food, especially if clients are never permitted to enjoy the foods they love.

Online Meal Plans


  • For busy people, online meal plans can make life a bit easier by reducing time-consuming tasks such as writing a grocery list or planning meals. However, simply subscribing to a meal plan doesn’t help you develop the knowledge and skills that you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Some online meal plans focus primarily on plant-based or organic options that are better for your body and the planet – just make sure to choose wisely and always look at the nutrition facts and labels, as many meal plans contain highly processed ingredients. 


  • Meal plans don’t take into account important factors such as activity level, weight history, stress levels, sleep, work schedule, family situation, and medical conditions. An understanding of these factors is necessary for creating a personalized approach to nutrition that will work for you as an individual. 
  • Online meal plans frequently offer small portion sizes and low-calorie foods, which can result in unhealthy snacking, rather than cooking your own healthy yet filling dishes. Consuming significantly fewer calories and completely denying yourself certain foods can be detrimental to both your mental and metabolic health. 
  • Most people enjoy cooking certain foods for themselves and their families – online meal plans can take away the joy of preparing meals for yourself and your loved ones.

Hire The Right Nutritionist For You