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Sarah Keathley

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I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with over 12 years of experience. Personally, I was born into a family of strong women who had a long history of obesity, chronic diseases, infertility issues, metabolic issues, and hormonal imbalances. I was also diagnosed with PCOS at the age of seventeen, and was told that it was very unlikely I would ever be able to balance my own hormones. However, with the help of a dietitian, I was in fact able to successfully stabilize my hormones and manage my symptoms. I understood the power nutrition could have on one's health, and I discovered my passion! My specialties include weight management, pediatric nutrition, grant and policy work, nutrition research, clinical nutrition, and individual nutrition counseling. I have lectured widely on various nutrition topics including pediatrics, weight management, renal disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and nutrition for people with disabilities. I have also an active contributor in the nutrition community, working closely with multiple local and national organizations to improve community wellness and nutrition education in the US.
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Education & Credentials

Bachelors of Family and Consumer Science from the University of Central Arkansas (UCA)
Masters of Family and Consumer Science from the University of Central Arkansas (UCA)
Dietetic Internship Certification from the University of Central Arkansas (UCA)
Obtained Registered Dietitian Certification

Areas of Expertise

Weight Management
9 years
Lactation and Infant Nutrition
12 years
Pediatrics (Picky Eating, Weight Management)
12 years
12 years
9 years
9 years
9 years
Eating Disorders (Pediatric)
9 years
9 years


Arkansas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Executive Director
Private Nutrition Counseling, Business Owner
Partners for Inclusive Communities (Extension U of A and in conjunction with ACUD), Nutrition Advocate/Coordinator
Fidelity Home Dialysis, Renal Dietitian
Fuel Up to Play 60, School Nutrition Coach
Cooking Matters, Class Instructor
Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Registered Dietitian II
Delta Garden Study, Research Assistant Manager

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My coaching style

Food and nutrition represent a great love and passion in my life. It is my goal to bring the art of food and science of nutrition to the table in a realistic and holistic approach. I will be your guide and partner, to help you grow with a healthy lifestyle that fits your needs specifically!
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I truly believe that we can make a huge impact on health with food based preventative and specialized nutrition therapy. I have confidence that if we work together to personalize a food nutrition plan for you, that we can change life for the better!
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Sarah Keathley


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Sarah Keathley
Forever grateful for Sarah's expertise and personalized strategies. It has truly made all the difference.
Ashley L.
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Verified client
Sarah K. at Top Nutrition Coaching empowers me, challenges me, and champions me. I couldn't ask for a better dietitian! Thankful to have her in my corner.
Michael S.
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