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Nicolette Star Maggiolo, RD, LDN

The Best Vitamins for Weight Loss

Learn the role that vitamins play in weight loss and whether or not they can help you achieve your health goals.
An image of the Author and Top Nutrition Coaching nutritionist, Nicolette
Nicolette Star Maggiolo, RD, LDN

The Best Vitamins for Weight Loss

Learn the role that vitamins play in weight loss and whether or not they can help you achieve your health goals.
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Whether your current health and fitness goal is to lose weight, gain weight, burn fat, or just maintain a healthy weight as you age, there are vitamins and minerals that can help you achieve your goals. 

Instead of investing your hard-earned cash into unproven and possibly unhealthy weight loss supplements that won’t lead to sustainable results and may even put your health and well-being in danger, we created a convenient guide to the best vitamins for weight loss that deliver safe, healthy, and worthwhile results. 

Let’s look at what your body really needs to burn body fat and lose weight. 

How Vitamins Help with Weight Loss 

There are no vitamin and mineral supplements that will cause you to lose weight independently. If you continue to consume a poor diet and maintain a sedentary lifestyle while taking even the best vitamins for weight loss, you won’t see results as expected. The goal is to incorporate the right combination of dietary supplements to support your body while adjusting your lifestyle to promote weight loss healthfully. 

What vitamins can do for your weight loss journey is fill dietary gaps that may make losing weight harder. Some vitamins and minerals may also help boost energy levels or enhance your mood so that you think more positively and stay motivated. 

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Best Vitamins for Weight Loss Support

It’s time to introduce some of the best vitamins for weight loss so that you can select the ones that may help you achieve your health and fitness goals. If you want personalized recommendations for vitamin supplements that your body needs to feel and function better, we recommend connecting with a weight loss nutritionist through Top Nutrition Coaching. 

B Vitamins to Boost Metabolism 

There isn’t a lot of scientific research into the effectiveness of B vitamins to help promote weight loss, but you’ve probably heard all the hype about vitamin B12 shots and infusions that are reportedly helping many people drop the pounds quickly and easily. That may leave you running to the supermarket or pharmacy for a bottle of vitamin B12, but pause for just a moment. 

B vitamins can help you lose weight healthfully if you have consumed a poor diet for a long time or have a medical condition that has caused a deficiency in one or more of those vitamins. One small study did find that supplementing with B vitamins slowed weight gain in rats who were fed an unhealthy diet.  Taking over-the-counter B vitamins can only solve the nutritional deficiency or help by slowing weight gain, which in turn may help your weight loss journey. 

You may even benefit from B12 shots or injections if you have a vitamin B12 deficiency or the shots are combined with other therapies like restricted calorie intake. It’s best to work with a professional with experience in vitamin B therapies to get the best and healthiest results. 


  • Readily available in local stores and online 
  • B12 injections and shots are supported by a growing body of anecdotal reports 
  • Can help fill dietary gaps


  • Not supported by scientific research at this time 

Bottom Line: You can have a medical provider check for nutritional deficiencies that may make taking vitamin B supplements worthwhile and effective. 

Green Tea Supplements to Burn Belly Fat 

Green tea extract has been scientifically proven to provide a modest boost to fat burning and overall weight loss. One systematic review found that Canadian participants lost up to 3.5 kg more than a control group over 12 weeks after consuming green tea on a routine basis. The study found that results were maximized when fresh green tea with higher concentrations of caffeine and catechins was consumed. 

Other research has found that drinking green tea can boost fat metabolism, control the appetite and reduce food intake, and support bodily processes that are involved in weight management. That research is the reason there are so many green tea supplements marketed for weight loss support. The effectiveness of those weight loss supplements varies, depending on the quality and amount of green tea extract in the formula.  


  • It’s easy and affordable to make fresh green tea at home 
  • Green tea supplements are readily available online and in local stores 


  • Quality of supplements varies
  • Some supplements contain added ingredients not helpful for weight loss 

Bottom Line: Do thorough research before taking any vitamin and mineral supplement that contains green tea. Your supplements should contain natural ingredients without a lot of chemical additives that may harm your health. Pure green tea extract is best. 

Vitamin D and Calcium to Burn Belly Fat  

Vitamin D comes naturally if you spend a little time outdoors in the sun every day, but it’s a common nutritional deficiency now that we spend so much of our lives indoors. You may benefit from enhanced energy levels that allow you to remain more active during the day if you fix that deficiency with a vitamin D supplement, but there are also some valid reasons to combine your daily vitamin D with a calcium supplement. 

One relevant study found that participants who consumed orange juice supplemented with calcium and vitamin D were able to lose more belly fat than those who didn’t receive the supplementation. While a lot more research is needed to prove how and why that happens, the evidence is enough for some people to give vitamin D and calcium supplementation a shot while striving for weight loss. 


  • Vitamin D is a safe supplement and known nutritional deficiency for many 
  • Calcium is easily implemented through a healthy diet 
  • There is some scientific backing for this approach to weight loss support


  • More research is needed to prove that calcium and vitamin D can make a significant difference in weight loss results 

Bottom Line: If you take any prescription medications, check with your medical provider to ensure supplementing with vitamin D and calcium is safe. Your provider can also help you check for a vitamin D deficiency that may interfere with  your energy levels and motivation. 

How Top Nutrition Coaching Can Help 

Selecting the best vitamins for weight loss is a personal journey. Your body is unique and needs to select vitamins to boost energy, motivation, and exercise performance. The ideal approach is to work with a weight loss nutritionist or dietitian to determine the nutritional needs of your body. 

At Top Nutrition Coaching, you can connect with experienced nutrition experts who take the time to understand your goals. They create personalized nutrition plans and can guide you toward reputable, trustworthy vitamin supplements, mineral supplements, and other products proven to help you shed pounds successfully. 

You’re never alone in your weight loss journey when you have a personal dietitian on your side. We provide the support and inspiration you need to push through obstacles and enjoy successful weight loss that lasts. The goal is sustainable life change that leads to higher energy levels, a strong immune system, and optimal health. 

Final Thoughts 

Finding the best vitamins for weight loss is only the beginning of a healthy, sustainable weight loss journey. Your vitamin and mineral supplements should support a balanced diet and make it easier to reduce calorie intake, increase activity levels, and overcome years spent consuming a poor diet. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

You have questions about the best vitamins for weight loss, and we have answers. Consider our quick answers to some of the most frequently asked weight loss supplement questions. 

What vitamin burns the most fat? 

B vitamins are one of the most beneficial vitamins for weight loss. There are many other weight loss supplements that can help you lose weight and maintain a healthy body weight in the long term. All dietary supplements work best when combined with a healthy diet and active daily lifestyle. 

Can you lose weight by taking vitamins? 

Vitamin supplements can help with weight loss indirectly. The key is to select the type of vitamin and mineral supplements that are best matched to your personal needs and expectations. For instance, you may choose green tea supplements if you need help with energy production and want to burn body fat faster. You still need to follow a healthy diet and take other actions to lose weight effectively. 

Do vitamins work for weight loss? 

Vitamins alone cannot deliver weight loss results. They can help you fill dietary gaps, providing bodily support that is needed to promote weight loss. Some supplements may also help you burn fat more efficiently, which has an indirect impact on your body weight. Select weight loss supplements may also help with blood pressure control, energy production, blood sugar control, and other health benefits.

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An image of the Author and Top Nutrition Coaching nutritionist, Nicolette
Nicolette Star Maggiolo, RD, LDN
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