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5 Benefits Of Working With A Holistic Nutritionist for Total Wellness

Feeling your healthiest can be hard, especially if you're going at it alone. That's where working with a personal nutritionist can be so helpful. Holistic nutrition focuses on how physical health, mental health, food, exercise, and environmental aspects impact how you feel. A holistic nutrition expert can help you navigate these important connections so that you understand how to care for your health today and for years to come.

At A Glance

  • What is a holistic nutritionist? A holistic nutrition expert guides how to work towards better health through food and holistic principles.
  • What are the benefits of working with a holistic nutritionist? A holistic nutrition expert is your partner in health and gives personalized guidance.
  • How to get started with a holistic nutritionist? Start by taking our quiz to get matched with a top-rated nutrition professional today.

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A Holistic Nutritionist Is More Than The Calorie Police

A holistic nutritionist is not a calorie counter. Rather, they’re nutritional experts that provide personalized guidance and evidence-based information to help you take control of your health. 

1. Get personalized guidance

One of the biggest benefits of working with holistic nutritionists is the highly-personalized guidance. Your nutrition counseling sessions are one-on-one so that your concerns, goals, and progress are the focus. 

Generalized diet plans, health food supplements, or exercise regimens found online are often ineffective because they do not account for each person’s unique health needs. Your nutritionist helps you ditch these ineffective plans and finds a diet that works for you. 

A holistic nutritionist also provides valuable help if you want to address specific goals. Maybe you are trying to lose weight but have been unsuccessful, no matter what diet or exercise regime you try. Your holistic dietitian will work with you to understand why these generic programs failed and how to eat for your body and health. 

If you are managing diabetes or heart disease, a personal holistic nutritionist will offer guidance and suggestions on how to choose foods that lower blood sugar levels, are low in cholesterol, and support your body’s functioning. 

2. Receive factual health tips

The internet and mainstream media are endless sources of false health information. Juice cleanses, low-calorie diets, fat-free diets, and the baby food diet are just some plans that claim to help you lose weight and feel healthier. However, these diet plans don’t have evidence-backed science to support their claims. 

A holistic nutrition expert helps you avoid falling into false health claims. A personal registered dietitian nutritionist is a source of reliable health tips based on scientific research. Throughout your health journey, you can ask questions and learn the connection between diet choices and how you feel daily. A nutrition expert can also recommend foods and habit changes that address specific issues.

3. Improve your overall health, mood, and sleep

Studies show how food impacts your health, mood, sleep, wellness, and more! A diet with protein, carbohydrates, and fresh produce can increase the brain’s production of serotonin and dopamine, the hormones that result in a good mood. 

If winter is coming and you’re anticipating seasonal affectiveness disorder, incorporating leafy greens, nuts and seeds, or avocado into your diet may provide a needed mood booster. Opting for herbal supplements or healthy fats can help regulate your nervous system if nervousness or anxiety is your main health concern. 

Improving your mood is not the only benefit. Diets with plenty of plants, fiber, and unsaturated fats are connected to better, more restful sleep.

A holistic nutrition expert can break down the benefits of different food groups so that you learn how to target health concerns through food. The diet plan you create alongside your nutritionist can address any aspect of your health so that you feel your best.

4. Feel supported at every stage of your health journey

Whether you’re just starting or have been working on your health for years, holistic health professionals meet you where you are. Working with a holistic nutritionist means learning how to care for your health by understanding how environmental factors influence your holistic wellness. This often includes making lifestyle and habit changes that are hard! 

Private nutrition counseling is an opportunity to discuss your concerns, challenges, and wins with an expert who is fully committed to your health. A holistic health expert offers support wherever you are on your health journey.

Making adjustments for a healthier lifestyle can be challenging for you and the family and friends around you. For some people, the people in their lives may be supportive but not understand why diet changes are difficult. Others may experience negative feedback as they start to make small, healthy lifestyle adjustments. Regardless of the situation, a personal holistic nutritionist is supportive throughout the entire process so that you don’t feel alone in your journey to better health. 

5. Build the foundation for long-term health

Fad diets or extreme exercise changes may help you lose weight in the short term. However, these plans often fail, and in some cases, they can be extremely dangerous to your health. Holistic health coaching provides an alternate solution to weight loss, not to mention a healthier lifestyle. Using your current health, historical health issues, goals, motivation, and lifestyle preferences, a holistic nutrition expert helps you develop a diet plan that works.

They are also committed to educating you on nutrition science. That way, you understand how the changes you make impact your body. They will advise you on how to eat more antioxidant, protein, and fiber-rich foods that support your body’s functioning.

Many holistic nutrition experts understand the connection between your diet and lifestyle choices, which are used for disease prevention. If you are at risk of a chronic illness like heart disease, renal disease, or type 2 diabetes, your holistic nutrition expert helps you understand how to prevent the onset of illnesses through a holistic diet and stress reduction. Say you have a severe food allergy or need to regain weight from an eating disorder, a holistic nutrition expert can help you build the foundation for a healthy life. 

How A Holistic Nutritionist Or Dietitian Can Help You Create Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Your holistic nutrition expert is your partner in health. So, no matter your goals, your nutritionist can help you address a range of concerns. 

Overall wellness

Healthy eating, supplements for essential vitamins and minerals, and small habit changes can help improve your feeling of overall wellness. Holistic dietary experts are a valuable source of diet and health information. As you develop a holistic nutrition plan, you learn how to adjust your diet to support brain health, boost your energy levels, support the immune system, and sleep better. Your registered dietitian will work with you to develop a personalized diet plan unique to your needs. 

Weight loss

Many people believe that cutting calories or entire food groups is the most effective way to lose weight. However, restrictive diets often fail. Working with a holistic nutrition professional provides you with evidence-based tips to learn how to lose weight and not gain it back. Your nutritionist will help you build a holistic nutrition plan that incorporates a range of fresh produce, healthy proteins, and fats so that you feel full while also losing weight. 

Food intolerances

Studies suggest that approximately 20% of people have a food intolerance. Whether you’ve lived with your food intolerance for years or have recently been diagnosed, learning how to live with dietary restrictions can be difficult. A holistic nutrition professional can help patients identify ways to get proper nutrition and boost their energy levels. Working with an expert nutritionist can also help patients better understand how their sleep, stress, and environment impacts their body. 

Sleep health

Experts claim that food and sleep are closely connected. If you struggle to get adequate sleep, do not feel well-rested even after eight hours or more, or are dealing with insomnia, a holistic nutritionist can help you address these challenges. A registered holistic nutritionist can provide nutrition information on how high-sugar diets can cause sleep disruptions, whereas diets filled with whole foods can promote restful sleep.

Address personalized goals

A holistic nutrition professional can help you address any health goals that you may have. Whether you have a unique medical condition or need to work around a recent injury, your holistic nutritionist will evaluate  your current health and health history to determine how your environment and diet can be adjusted to help you meet your goals. Since personal nutritional counseling is one-on-one, you can move at whatever speed sets you up for short and long-term success. 

Hormonal imbalances

Hormonal imbalances are often the underlying causes of health challenges like hyperthyroidism, fatigue, abnormally dry skin or hair, a slow or rapid heartbeat, mood disorders, and more. One of the main benefits of holistic nutrition coaching is that you can address hormone levels through a healthy diet. Many nutrition professionals can educate you about foods that may support your health. 

Metabolic health

Metabolic health is essential for overall holistic health. Years of processed foods and not enough healthy meals may gradually weaken the body’s metabolism, putting some people at higher risk for metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and other health concerns. A holistic nutritionist can guide you on how to eat for a healthy metabolism. 

Lifestyle mapping

Holistic nutritionists help patients develop diet plans that are well-suited for their lives. In addition, a holistic expert can help you find ways to incorporate movement and physical activity, mindfulness, improved sleep health, and other beneficial activities into your daily life. Since your eating habits impact other parts of your overall well-being, a holistic dietitian can help you build a sustainable plan that addresses your health. 

Long-term support

Questions and concerns are likely to come up as you begin to work towards better health. Working with Top Nutrition Coaching gives you access to 24/7 support. That way, you have access to a health coach at any time of the day. We are committed to helping you achieve your wellness goals. That's why our team is ready to support you via phone or live chat.

Much more

Holistic nutritionists address various health concerns to help you reach optimal health. So, no matter where you are in your health journey, personal nutrition counseling uses a holistic approach to help you meet your long-term health goals. Nutrition counseling is an effective way to address the whole body through healthy meal plans, mental health, weight management, and daily habits.

What Are The Benefits Of Working With An Online Holistic Nutritionist Or Dietitian Vs. Going At It Alone?

If you’re undecided on whether an online holistic nutritionist is a good choice for you, know that many people share the same concern! However, working alongside a nutrition expert can alleviate some of the headaches of going at it alone. Here are some of the ways a nutritionist can help.

Save yourself the headache of research

There is a lot of nutrition information available online, but not all is factual! That means putting time and thorough research into finding evidence-based information. However, your holistic dietitian does the hard work for you. Registered dietitian nutritionists must complete rigorous education requirements, hands-on clinical experience, and continuing education credits to get their licenses. That way, a holistic nutritionist can explain complex topics in a way that is easy to understand and factually based.

Feel supported throughout your health journey

Choosing to change your diet and lifestyle is hard, especially without a support system. Your holistic dietitian has an important role in ensuring you feel supported as you work towards your health goals. Studies even show that having trusting relationships is essential for helping people work towards their goals. So, regardless of your personal connections, your holistic nutrition expert is fully committed to helping you become confident in your health. 

Get personalized guidance

It can be easy to find diet plans online. However, these plans fail for most people. That’s because everyone has different caloric and dietary needs. By choosing to work with a nutritionist, you gain valuable guidance tailored to your unique needs. Since the diet plan you develop with your nutritionist is personalized to you, it is a sustainable way to maintain optimum health for years to come.

What To Ask During Your First Free Consultation With One Of Our Holistic Nutritionists

When you sign up for Top Nutrition Coaching, we connect you to one of our holistic nutritionists for a 15-minute intro call. These calls are an excellent way to decide whether the professional is the right match for you. If you’re unsure what to ask the nutritionist during the call, here are some questions to get you started.

Do you take insurance?

If nutrition coaching has been prescribed to you by a doctor, then you may be able to have some of the costs covered by your health insurance. However, insurance practices differ among nutritionists. Asking this question during your initial phone call is the best way to understand the costs you will need to pay to work with the nutritionist. 

How would you treat my condition?

Each registered dietitian has a different approach. If you have type 2 diabetes, hypertension, food sensitivity, or another condition that you want to learn how to manage, then it's important to ask the holistic nutritionist how they would approach your health concerns. 

What does nutrition counseling with you look like?

Ask this question to understand how the nutritionist runs their sessions. Do they typically guide the sessions? Or are sessions led by the patient’s questions and concerns? There is no right or wrong way to do a nutrition counseling appointment. Instead, this question helps determine whether their counseling methods fit your way of learning and reaching your goals. 

Why did you become a registered dietitian?

You want to work with a compassionate dietitian who will support you throughout your health journey. Asking a registered dietitian why they entered the field gives you valuable insight into their passions and motivations. If someone became an RD to help people heal their relationship with food and health, they likely give empathetic and thoughtful advice.

What happens if the diet plan doesn’t work?

This question reveals how the dietitians respond to feedback. Since not all diet plans work, it is crucial to find a holistic nutrition expert who is open and receptive to feedback. As you meet with possible dietitians, look for someone who actively listens to your feedback and challenges so that they can help revise your health plan until it fits your needs. 

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I'm a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist with education from Boston University and clinical training from both Brigham & Women's Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. I specialize in helping the military and non-military individuals embrace nutrition as a partner in both their mental and physical health.

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