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Find the Best Sports Nutritionists & Dietitians in San Francisco

It takes an expert to develop an effective, sustainable plan to support physical fitness and recovery. We only hire the very best sports nutritionists in the industry, and we’ll match you with a professional who has a proven history of helping clients like you get long-lasting results.

Rachel Garano
Registered Dietitian
With a master’s degree in nutrition communications and over 15 years of work experience, Rachel is an expert Registered Dietitian who helps her clients reach their goals. She’s a triathlete and runner, so she has personal experience with the relationship between diet and sports performance.
Michelle Rodgers
Registered Dietitian
Michelle has served as a nutrition counselor for professional athletes and has been interviewed about nutrition for top health and wellness publications. She has a B.S. in Nutrition and a Personal Training Certification through AFAA, giving her a wealth of knowledge and experience she shares with her clients.
Jaelyn Shipman
Registered Dietitian
A Board-Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, Jaelyn has worked with athletes at every level, from amateurs to professionals. She’s a Registered Dietitian with over 5 years of experience. She spends the time to understand each client’s unique wellness goals and provides personalized nutrition advice based on those objectives.
Danielle Smith
Registered Dietitian
Danielle has worked with clients battling eating disorders, diabetes, and other chronic conditions. She provides the unique perspective of someone who has used nutrition to overcome her own chronic illnesses. A runner and personal trainer, she helps athletes at any level understand how to eat for better performance.
Jordan Hill
Registered Dietitian
Jordan has over 5 years of experience working with a diverse clientele, including athletes at all levels and individuals with chronic health conditions and GI disorders. With a master’s degree in clinical dietetics and a certificate in sports dietetics, she brings a wealth of knowledge to each case.
Karin Evans
Registered Dietitian
A highly educated expert with over 20 years of experience as a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist, Karin helps each client improve their relationship with food in a mindful way. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s in nutrition education, and she is almost finished with her doctoral degree.
Aston Dommel
Registered Dietitian
Aston is a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics and a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who’s spent the past 4-plus years counseling athletes on enhancing their nutrition. His primary focus is on clients who want to improve their performance in the gym and kitchen. Specifically, Aston helps athletes eat to improve their fitness and reach healthy weight goals.
Justin Klein
Registered Dietitian
Justin’s bachelor’s degree in Health and Exercise Sciences and master's degree in Dietetics are part of why he’s been a trusted Sports-based Registered-Dietitian for the past 13-plus years. Board Certified as a Sports Dietetics Specialist, Justin counsels a multitude of athletes at the high school, professional, tactical, and recreational levels.
Lacy Puttuck
Registered Dietitian
Lacy’s qualifications as a Sports-based Dietitian Nutritionist include her 12-plus years of counseling experience and her master’s degree in Exercise Physiology. She also has Sports Nutrition and Strength & Conditioning certifications, specializing in clients who want to feel and perform at their best. Lacy’s impressive resume includes working at Dominate Your Game since 2010.
Andrea Bailey
Registered Dietitian
Andrea is an ACE personal trainer, a Revo2lution Run coach, and a sports performance specialist. Also, Andrea has a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics, aiming much of her focus towards sports nutrition over the past 7-plus years she’s spent as a Registered Dietician-Nutritionist. Andrea is an expert in the mindset of athletes and how to keep them performing at their best.

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During your complimentary consultation with one of our nutrition specialists, you’ll discuss the specifics of your lifestyle, activity level, athletic interests, health conditions, and nutrition objectives.

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The nutrition specialist will cross-reference your information with the highly qualified sports nutritionists we have on staff. They’ll select the professional whose training, expertise, and personality are the best match for your unique needs.

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We want you to be completely satisfied with your sports nutrition expert. During your introductory call, you’ll discuss the personalized nutrition plan they have designed and decide whether this is the right approach for you.

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You’ll meet with your nutritionist for virtual nutrition counseling sessions at least twice a month. During these sessions, you’ll discuss your progress and adjust your plan accordingly to keep you on track to reach your health and fitness goals. You can also get support from your nutritionist outside of scheduled appointments by using our free messaging service.
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Work with a sports nutritionist in San Francisco to improve your performance

Free matching service that finds you the right dietitian:

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We’ll match you with a sports nutrition specialist who has the perfect combination of education and experience to help you improve your overall health and athletic performance.

Virtual consultations with your expert, at your pace:

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Avoid traffic and inconvenient appointment times with an online service that lets you attend virtual nutrition counseling sessions from home on your schedule.

Personalized nutrition and lifestyle plans:

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A nutrition plan customized for your goals, lifestyle, and physiology is much more effective than a one-size-fits-all diet program not designed for athletes.‍

Unlimited messaging and 24/7 support:

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With our all-access messaging service, you don’t have to wait for the next scheduled session to ask your specialist a question or share a quick progress update.

Our client outcomes


Clients with IBS symptoms
reduced severity & frequency of IBS symptoms


Clients wanting weight loss
sustained target weight for longer than 12 months


Clients with diabetes
lowered their hb1ac levels and lost weight


Clients with kidney disease
improved symptoms of kidney disease

Benefits of working with a sports nutritionist vs. going it alone

It’s easy to find meal plans and programs that promise to help you manage your weight and live a healthier lifestyle. But many of these plans aren’t backed by scientific research or reliable data. Our experienced sports nutritionists have the education and experience to build personalized nutrition plans to help you reach your wellness goals.

A well-rounded diet

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If you rely on the sports nutrition advice you find on the internet, it’s nearly impossible to know which approach is best for you. Should you focus entirely on protein consumption? Do you need to go gluten-free? Should you fuel up right before your workout or after? Your sports nutritionist can answer these questions and help you build a sensible, healthy nutrition plan that enables you to reach your training goals and feel better.

Better athletic performance and recovery

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The right diet can significantly impact your body’s ability to perform, especially if you play sports and exercise regularly. Eating the proper balance of nutrients can also help your body recover more quickly between workouts. Your nutritionist will listen to your personal goals, whether you’re training for your first marathon, starting a yoga practice, or want to get in better shape. They will develop a nutrition program designed to give your body exactly what it needs to perform well and recover effectively.

Long-term health

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At Top Nutrition Coaching, we are passionate about helping every client find lifelong success in managing their health. Your nutritionist can help you understand what your body needs to function well. You’ll get a unique nutrition plan designed to help you improve your overall wellness, even if you are dealing with a chronic illness or other health challenges. Your dietitian will help you learn how food affects your body so you can make the best nutrition choices for a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Your Personal Nutritionist in San Francisco Is Just a Click Away

For busy professionals, it’s usually not feasible to attend an in-person appointment with a nutritionist during regular business hours. Plus, it’s not always possible to find a dietitian with the right specialization and availability, even in a large city like San Francisco. With Top Nutrition Coaching, you get access to the top experts in the industry from the comfort of home.


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Our registered dietitians completed thousands of hours of supervised work before getting their licenses to practice. Beyond that, every specialist in our network has several years of experience working with a diverse clientele of all ages and backgrounds. We have experts who specialize in everything from pediatric nutrition to diabetes management.We’ll match you with a nutrition specialist who has the professional experience to help you meet your specific goals. If you’re looking to improve your sports performance, we’ll pair you with a sports dietetics expert who can give you a nutrition plan for optimal results in your training sessions.


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To become a registered dietitian (RD), you must complete standardized professional requirements. Every expert in our network is an RD, and many of them also have advanced degrees. Many of our nutritionists hold additional credentials as personal trainers, pediatric nutrition specialists, and certified sports dietitians.At Top Nutrition Coaching, we hire fewer than 3% of the nutritionists who apply to work with us. We look for more than just an RD license or a bachelor’s degree. Every specialist in our network is highly qualified and has a proven track record of helping clients make measurable progress and sustainable lifestyle changes.


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It’s not always possible to find a local nutritionist, especially if you live outside of a large city. Even if you do have a nutrition clinic or a dietitian’s office close by, you might not be able to schedule an appointment for months. And those appointments usually have to occur during regular business hours, which is challenging if you have a busy family life or a nontraditional work schedule.With our online service, you can schedule virtual sessions with your nutritionist whenever it’s convenient for you. Since you meet online, you can attend your sessions from the comfort of home. We’ll match you with a nutrition specialist who has immediate availability.


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It’s not always easy to verify credentials, especially online. Theoretically, someone could call themselves a nutritionist after taking a two-hour online course, so how do you know whether you’re working with a real expert or not? With Top Nutrition Coaching, you don’t have to wonder. We only hire the best of the best: experts with top credentials and satisfied clients. Each of our nutritionists is a registered dietitian with at least a bachelor’s degree in a nutrition-related subject. Many of our experts have worked with professional athletes and have been featured in respected health publications. We only hire applicants who can show that their previous clients made sustainable progress, so you know that you can trust your nutritionist’s advice.
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About San Francisco Registered Dietitians:

While California doesn’t require dietitians to obtain a license to practice in the state, there are other requirements that registered dietitians must fulfill. 

Education and Experience

Candidates must complete an accredited Didactic Program in Dietetics, such as a B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics. They must also complete 1,200 hours of supervised practice through an accredited Dietetic Internship program.


California requires candidates to pass the Registration Examination for Dietitians. They must register with the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) and renew their registration every five years after completing 75 continuing professional education hours.

Get Over the San Francisco Hurdles and Get Back to Health

It’s not always easy to maintain a healthy and nutritious diet in San Francisco. Long working hours combined with easy access to restaurants and food delivery services can make it difficult for residents to follow a healthy eating plan. 

Low motivation to cook

San Francisco is known for its culinary scene, and the city is home to numerous excellent restaurants. Easy access to delicious food from every type of cuisine often removes the motivation to cook balanced, healthy meals at home.

Takeout and food delivery apps make ordering large portions of tasty yet unhealthy dishes even easier. For individuals trying to maximize their fitness, this can be detrimental to adhering to a balanced and nutritious dietary plan. 

Busy schedules and time constraints

The challenge that many San Franciscans face is simply a lack of time. Many people have stressful, high-paced jobs that leave very few hours in the day to shop for healthy ingredients, research recipes, and cook nutritious meals. The demands of caring for young children or elderly relatives can put even more constraints on your time. Trying to fit in workouts alongside work and family commitments leaves precious little time to figure out how to fuel your body.

An image of sports nutritionists

Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to feel confident about working with a sports nutritionist. Get more details to decide whether this option is right for you.

What makes an expert nutritionist?

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The term “nutritionist” isn’t regulated, so almost anyone can use it. However, to be a registered dietitian, an individual needs to meet necessary educational and experience requirements. Every professional in our network is a registered dietitian, and many have additional credentials in specializations such as sports nutrition.

How much does a sports nutritionist cost in San Francisco?

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Every nutritionist in our network has unique qualifications and areas of expertise. Our nutrition specialist will match you with someone who has the expertise to help you reach your goals, whether you want to lose weight, reduce high blood pressure, or set personal bests in your training sessions and athletic pursuits.

What does a two-week risk-free trial mean?

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We believe our service gives every client the information and support they need to succeed. However, if you don’t feel it’s the right choice for you, we’ll refund your money after two weeks.

What does the nutrition specialist help with?

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Every nutritionist in our network has unique qualifications and areas of expertise. Our nutrition specialist will match you with someone who has the expertise to help you reach your goals, whether you want to lose weight, reduce high blood pressure, or set personal bests in your training sessions and athletic pursuits.

What if I don’t like the recommendations a nutrition specialist provides?

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If you don’t feel that the nutritionist we match you with is the right fit, we will work with you to find a better option. We’ll carefully consider your feedback and provide you with a different specialist to help you reach your goals.

Full Transparency Pros and Cons

If you want to improve your health and develop better eating habits, there are several different support methods to choose from. Each option has unique benefits and challenges.

Online Nutrition


  • Some online nutrition programs have matching systems to help you find a suitable professional for your needs. 
  • By using an online service, you aren’t limited to nutritionists who live and work in the San Francisco area.


  • Many online nutrition services are likely to offer communication tools such as email, messaging, and phone calls rather than live video appointments.
  • Online nutrition services are frequently comparable in price to traditional one-on-one nutrition counseling, which is more expensive than options such as diet programs. 
  • You usually have to provide your contact information to get started with an online service (or research your options), often leading to unwanted marketing emails.

Diet Companies


  • If your goal is weight loss, most diet companies promise short-term success if you follow their rules precisely.
  • With a premade diet plan, you don’t have to invest much mental or emotional energy towards improving your nutrition – simply follow the rules and eat what the program tells you to eat.


  • Most diet companies focus entirely on weight loss, which requires caloric deficit and is not necessarily the right choice for athletes or people working through body-image issues.
  • Restrictive diets aren’t sustainable in the long run, and most people who initially find success with a low-calorie diet end up reverting to their original eating habits.

Online Meal Plans


  • There are many different meal plan options available, so you may be able to find one in your budget that aligns with your wellness goals.
  • Some online meal plans allow you to choose between several recipes and prepare meals in batches, saving time. 


  • These plans can be hard to modify for specific food preferences and dietary restrictions, which can be especially difficult if you are a vegetarian, have a gluten-free diet, or are cooking for numerous family members. 
  • Like diet companies, most meal plans focus on weight management rather than strength and performance, so it can be hard to find a meal plan optimized for athletes.
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