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Find the Best Renal Nutritionists & Dietitians in San Francisco

A renal diet can help improve the health of your kidneys, but it can be challenging to choose the foods that are best for your body. Renal nutritionists are experts in diet and nutrition for people with kidney disease who can help you reach your health goals, feel better, and improve your overall quality of life. At Top Nutrition Coaching, we are proud of our team of highly experienced and well-qualified registered dietitians who will design a personalized plan for your needs. We only hire experts with the knowledge, approach, and track record to help our clients achieve lasting success, whatever their health goals.

Rachel Coury
Registered Dietitian
Rachel is a registered dietitian who helps people struggling with renal concerns reach their optimal health. Rachel has a bachelor's degree in food science and human nutrition from Clemson University. She is also a member of the National Kidney Foundation and the International Society for Renal Nutrition and Metabolism.
Lauren Levy
Registered Dietitian
Lauren is a registered dietitian and certified renal nutrition specialist who works with individuals to prevent chronic disease progression. Lauren has a Master of Science in Nutritional Biology from the University of California, Davis. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition Dietetics from the University of North Carolina Greensboro.
Meghan Perkins
Registered Dietitian
Meghan earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Northern Colorado. As part of her training as a registered dietitian, Meghan completed a dietetic internship at the University of Arizona Medical Center. She is a CDC National Diabetes Prevention Program certified lifestyle coach and is currently pursuing her Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist certification.
Stacey Simon
Registered Dietitian
Stacey is a registered dietitian with eight years of experience in renal nutrition. She earned her master's degree in clinical nutrition from New York University and her bachelor's degree in nutritional science from the University of Connecticut. Stacey is a certified dietitian-nutritionist and has completed the 75-hour Whole Health Coaching certification.

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Find a nutritionist who understands you - your goals, your challenges, your lifestyle.

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Work with a Renal Nutrition Expert to Protect Your Kidney Health

Our renal nutrition specialists have the training and experience to guide you toward your health and wellness goals. They can set you up with the tools you need to succeed with a personalized renal diet and nutrition plan to help you manage chronic kidney disease and improve overall kidney function

Take our holistic health assessment

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The first step in working with Top Nutrition Coaching is to complete a short online assessment. The assessment will give us a general overview of your current health circumstances and reasons for seeking out a renal dietitian.

Free 15-minute nutrition consultation

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All prospective clients are entitled to a free 15-minute consultation with our nutrition specialist. You'll discuss your current health situation and medical history, including nutritional challenges and lifestyle factors.

Get matched to the right nutritionist

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The nutrition specialist will use the information provided during your online assessment and consultation to choose the ideal renal nutrition expert for your specific needs.

Intro call with your nutritionist

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During the introductory call, you'll get acquainted with your renal nutritionist and ensure they fit your needs and personality well. You'll review the nutrition plan they have designed for you and discuss their approach and how subsequent sessions will work.

Work with Top Nutrition Coaching

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Depending on your plan, you will participate in virtual nutrition counseling sessions with your renal nutritionist twice or four times a month. Outside of sessions, you can contact your nutritionist via our secure messaging service whenever you have questions or need support. Together, you'll follow the personalized nutrition plan and make changes as necessary. Most importantly, you'll gain the knowledge and confidence to understand how to incorporate a renal diet into your daily life and make healthy food choices to protect your kidneys and promote general wellness.
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An image of Top Nutrition Coaching RD, Stacey Simon

Team Up with a Renal Nutritionist in San Francisco to Improve Your Kidney Function and Overall Health 

Free matching service that finds you the right dietitian:

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A renal nutritionist will utilize their knowledge of the kidneys and the renal system to create a customized plan to improve your eating habits. A renal nutritionist has the education, training, and experience to understand what foods are best for your body, including foods that promote proper kidney function. A renal nutritionist will make it easier for you to choose meals containing high-quality protein with minimal sodium and phosphorus.

Virtual consultations with your expert, at your pace:

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Get access to virtual nutrition counseling that will help you achieve success. You'll meet regularly with a renal nutrition expert from the comfort of your own home.

Personalized nutrition and lifestyle plans:

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One of the most important keys to success is the personalized renal nutrition plan that your nutritionist will create. Your nutritionist will design your program to accommodate your needs, lifestyle, location, and other personal circumstances.

Unlimited messaging and 24/7 support:

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Reach out to your nutritionist whenever you have questions about adopting a renal diet in San Francisco. Your nutrition expert will be there during challenging moments to support you and help you reach your goals.

Our client outcomes

reduced their hemoglobin A1c levels
 lowered cholesterol, hypertension, and improved heart health
improved their kidney functioning
reported feeling more energy, less stress, and better sleep

Benefits of Working with a Renal Nutritionist vs. Going It Alone

No one knows your body better than you, but improving your health and eating patterns can be very daunting. You stand a much better chance of achieving your health and nutrition objectives when collaborating with an experienced professional. Here are some benefits of working with a renal nutritionist to reach your health goals.

Access to an individualized plan

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A renal nutritionist will utilize their knowledge of the kidneys and the renal system to create a customized plan to improve your eating habits. A renal nutritionist has the education, training, and experience to understand what foods are best for your body, including foods that promote proper kidney function. A renal nutritionist will make it easier for you to choose meals containing high-quality protein with minimal sodium and phosphorus.

Better equipped to handle chronic diseases

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Living with a chronic illness can be challenging. Working with a renal nutritionist prepares you to manage your condition while ensuring that you always have an expert in your corner to offer reassurance and support. Nutritionists give you the knowledge to advocate for yourself and your health. By learning about nutrition from a registered renal nutritionist or dietitian, you'll gain a thorough understanding of the eating habits that can make it easier to thrive, even when living with a condition like chronic kidney disease.

Empowered in your health journey

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When you work with a renal nutritionist, they'll equip you with the tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle and progress towards your wellness goals. After concluding your sessions with your renal nutritionist, you'll retain the knowledge and wisdom to continue your health journey and feel empowered to make correct decisions about your diet and body.

Your Personal Nutritionist in San Francisco Is Just a Click Away

When you meet with an online nutritionist, you open yourself up to many more possibilities than what may be available in your immediate vicinity.

Get Over the San Francisco Hurdles and Get Back to Health

It's not easy to consistently make healthy food choices. Although San Francisco can seem like a "foodie paradise," the reality is more complicated.

Plentiful food options, but not always healthy ones

While San Francisco has thousands of restaurants and cafes offering a wide variety of global cuisines, this doesn't necessarily make healthy eating easier. It can be tricky to decipher the nutritional content of many restaurant meals. For someone on a renal diet, knowing information such as the specific sodium content of a dish is of the utmost importance. 

For many San Franciscans, it can also be challenging to shop at the supermarket regularly. Picking up snacks or processed meals at a local convenience store may be more accessible, especially if you live in the city center and don't have access to a car or live some distance away from the nearest grocery store.

Busy schedules and fast-paced professional lives 

San Franciscans are some of the country's busiest and hardest working people. With demanding, fast-paced careers and schedules filled with family and personal commitments, planning meals that promote kidney health can be challenging. Fast, easy meals can sometimes seem like the only option if you are working through your lunch break or trying to juggle taking care of children or elderly relatives. Working with a nutritionist can help you learn how to make easy, sustainable changes to your eating habits that work with your busy life, rather than forcing you to adopt an entirely new approach to food.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes an expert nutritionist?

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An expert nutritionist is experienced and knowledgeable about clinical nutrition and consistently demonstrates professionalism and compassion towards their clients. An expert nutritionist can provide life-changing guidance to clients, even if they have specific health needs, like a renal diet.

How much does a renal nutritionist cost in San Francisco?

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The cost of a renal nutritionist in San Francisco varies significantly depending on location, years of experience, healthcare setting, and special expertise. Registered dietitians usually set their own rates, ranging from $60 to over $200 per session in the Bay Area. At Top Nutrition Coaching, our online nutrition counseling sessions are very competitive with the rates of top San Francisco renal dietitians.

What does a two-week risk-free trial mean?

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Top Nutrition Coaching's two-week risk-free trial is an opportunity for you to start working with a renal nutritionist and ensure that this is the correct service for you. If after two weeks you decide that it isn't working out, you'll get a full refund.

What does the nutrition specialist help with?

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Top Nutrition Coaching's two-week risk-free trial is an opportunity for you to start working with a renal nutritionist and ensure that this is the correct service for you. If after two weeks you decide that it isn't working out, you'll get a full refund.

What if I don't like the recommendations the nutrition specialist provides?

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If you don't like our nutrition specialist's recommendations, please let us know as soon as possible. Our nutrition specialist will carefully consider your feedback and select a different renal dietitian to work with you.

Full Transparency Pros and Cons 

It can be tough to sift through the conflicting information online about the best ways to lose weight, develop healthy eating habits, and live healthily. We believe that Top Nutrition Coaching's virtual nutrition counseling sessions are the best way to make dietary changes and adopt a proper nutrition approach. However, there are other options to consider, each with its own pros and cons. 

Online Meal Plans


  • Online meal plans may help you save time and money in certain circumstances. By completing your meal planning in advance, you can purchase just the ingredients you need for the week and manage your time in the kitchen rather than endlessly flipping through recipes.


  • Online meal plans may not consider the specific dietary needs of someone on a renal diet. They may be too focused on carbohydrates or have more sodium than is healthy for your kidneys.
  • You probably won't acquire a thorough understanding of your nutritional needs by simply following a meal plan. On the other hand, nutrition counseling equips you with the knowledge to make informed kidney-friendly menu planning choices.

In-Person Nutritionists


  • You don't need an internet connection or a device to meet with an in-person nutritionist. Individuals unfamiliar with technology may prefer going to a nutritionist's office.
  • Some people consider virtual meetings less personal than in-person meetings and prefer the feel of a face-to-face appointment.


  • You'll have to commute to your nutritionist's office, which usually requires you to drive or take public transportation. For individuals with stressful jobs or hectic family commitments, this can be difficult to fit into your routine.
  • You won't be able to meet with your nutritionist from the comfort of home or another place of your choosing, such as a quiet coffee shop or your office space. All appointments will occur at your dietitian's office, medical group, or clinic. 
  • By working with an in-person nutritionist, you limit yourself to practitioners in your local area rather than having online access to the best nutrition professionals from all over the country.

Diet Companies


  • Some diet companies offer online forums or apps that allow participants to connect with like-minded individuals dealing with similar health issues, like pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure.
  • Some diet companies provide their customers with helpful information such as meal planning tools, ingredient lists, and nutritional content comparisons.


  • You may encounter empty promises or scare tactics about health and weight loss to encourage you to sign up for diet programs.
  • Very few diet companies will give you access to a registered dietitian. Real-time communication with a nutrition expert is rare with most diet plans.
  • Many diet companies promote fad diets with excessive calorie restriction rather than small, manageable dietary changes. This can be dangerous for your metabolic health and is unlikely to produce lasting results. It could even lead to an eating disorder or digestive issues.
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