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Find the Best Pediatric Nutritionists & Dietitians in San Francisco

If you want long-term success in staying healthy, we'll get you the right nutrition programs and partner you with the best pediatric nutritionist in San Francisco to make that happen. We treat your victory like ours, and we will not stop until you're happy with your state of health.

Thrive is focused on making sure you find lasting success, whether it's weight loss, sports performance, or managing your diabetes. We do that because we only allow specialists into our network that have a track record of producing results. We work with you to find you the right expert with the right plan to help you achieve lasting success.

Dana Kearney
Registered Dietitian
Dana is a top infant and pediatric nutritionist in San Francisco with over 19 years of experience. She specializes in prenatal, newborn, infant, toddler, and preschool clinical nutrition and assists both new and experienced parents, grandparents, and family members in better understanding the early stages of the life cycle and it's nutritional needs. Acquiring her Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition & Dietetics from Pennsylvania State University, she also holds a Master's Degree in Nutrition & Dietetics from Marywood University.
Annie McKenna
Registered Dietitian
A mother of 6, Annie uniquely caters to the pediatrics space, where she’s spent a decade of her 15-plus year career as a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist. She specializes in many lifecycle stages, such as infancy, childhood, and adolescence. Annie’s education includes a Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition from Rush University.
Callie Miller
Registered Dietitian
A Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist with 7-plus years of experience counseling clients, Callie has worked 2-plus years in pediatric nutrition. Callie expertly applies the knowledge obtained from her Master of Health Science in Nutrition at Western Carolina University, improving her pediatric clients’ lifelong relationship with food.
Crystal Scott
Registered Dietitian
For the entirety of Crystal’s 14-plus years in medical nutrition counseling, she’s worked in the pediatric space. Crystal is a Registered-Dietitian and earned a certified Specialization in Pediatric nutrition. Speaking further to Crystal’s nutrition-based expertise, she attended Washington State University to receive her Master’s degree in Dietetics, Nutrition, & Exercise Physiology.
Dima Salhoobi
Registered Dietitian
During the decade-plus Dima spent as a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist counseling across multicultural, diverse patient populations, she’s been in pediatrics the whole time. Nurturing Dima’s focus in this particular space is her Certificate of Training in Obesity for Pediatrics and Adults. Dina also went to Lehman College to earn her Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees in Clinical Nutrition.
Danielle Smith
Registered Dietitian
Danielle’s been a Registered Dietitian in various settings for the past 8-plus years, including experience in the pediatric space. Among her many accreditations, Danielle successfully completed a Dietetic Internship at the University of Nevada and is certified as a Weight Loss Coach. She focuses on weight management, disordered eating, and chronic illnesses (e.g., SIBO/IBS).
Rachel Gargano
Registered Dietitian
Included in Rachel’s 15-plus years as a Registered Dietitian are 7 years in the pediatric field. She worked at the Women Infants and Children Supplemental Nutrition Program from 2008 to 2009 and has been part of Happy Family Brands since 2015. Rachel’s Infant and Maternal Nutrition certification from Cornell University further contributes to her expertise in pediatric nutrition.
Maria Elizabeth
Registered Dietitian
With 17 of her 20 years as a Registered Dietician-Nutritionist spent in pediatrics, Maria specializes in helping clients from infancy to adolescence. Her passion is for working one-on-one with people to improve their lifelong relationships with nutrition. Maria’s educational accreditations include a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Science from Marywood University.
Katie Wengryniuk
Registered Dietitian
Katie’s experience as a Registered Dietitian spans over a decade. Also, it includes 7 years in pediatric nutrition and a Master’s in Clinical Nutrition from Rush University. Additionally, Katie spent 7 years at the Cleveland Clinic, collaborating with world-renowned physicians and specialists. She aims to combine functional and conventional medicines for improved health outcomes for her clients, including pediatric ones.
Ashley Paleocostas
Registered Dietitian
13 of Ashley’s 15 years of counseling experience as a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist have been spent in pediatrics. It’s the ideal avenue for her education at Long Island University, where Ashley earned her Bachelor's in Nutrition and certification in Pediatric and Adolescent Weight Management. Her primary area of focus is improving picky eating and helping manage the weight of pediatric clients.

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Working with a pediatric nutritionist in San Francisco to lose weight, regain confidence, and get a new lease on life
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Working with a pediatric nutritionist in San Francisco to lose weight, regain confidence, and get a new lease on life

Free matching service that finds you the right dietitian

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Work with top pediatric dietitians in San Francisco or a registered dietitian nutritionist who can help you understand what your child needs to achieve their long-term health goals.

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Working with a top pediatric nutritionist in San Francisco is possible through virtual nutrition counseling sessions. Get the help you need without having to leave the comfort of your home and having to wrangle the little ones to a physical office.

Personalized nutrition and lifestyle plans

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One of the reasons why self-treating nutritional deficiencies don't work is because parents love their kids, and with that love comes worry. Reinforcing some complex rules relating to diet can be heartbreaking, and every once in a while, they will fail to adhere to the medical nutrition therapy plan. Clinical dietitians are strict and very objective regarding what they have to do. Their eye is on the goal, which is to help you and your kid or kids find the care you can commit to achieving success.

Intro call with your nutritionist

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You'll get to know your matched pediatric nutritionist during your introductory call. They'll explain their strategy for working with your child so that you can ensure it's a good fit for your family.

Benefits Of Working With A Pediatric Nutritionist Vs Going At It Alone

It's a frequent misunderstanding that parents can resolve dietary deficiencies in children at home. If you want your child to be healthy, hiring a specialist is the best thing you can do. Working with a pediatric dietitian or certified nutrition specialist has 3 advantages:

You Can Stop the Guesswork

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Dietitians and nutritionists have a systematic way of getting to the root of your child's health deficiencies. They can evaluate the condition by looking for things that an untrained person will miss. A registered dietitian nutritionist knows what tests are necessary to confirm their diagnosis and develop a more accurate care plan.

They're Familiar With Your Unique Case

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A baffling nutrition case will be familiar to a trained medical professional. So instead of spending time trying to figure out the problem, use your precious resources to get answers from a nutritionist who has significant exposure in the field. Suppose you're dealing with issues not directly nutritional but are highly crucial to treatment like developmental disorders or diseases or sensitivities. In that case, you can be confident that your nutritionist will be able to work hand in hand (and treat illnesses) with the multidisciplinary doctors working with you.

Your Child's Age Will Never Be an Issue

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One of the reasons why self-treating nutritional deficiencies don't work is because parents love their kids, and with that love comes worry. Reinforcing some complex rules relating to diet can be heartbreaking, and every once in a while, they will fail to adhere to the medical nutrition therapy plan. Clinical dietitians are strict and very objective regarding what they have to do. Their eye is on the goal, which is to help you and your kid or kids find the care you can commit to achieving success.

Our client outcomes


Clients with IBS symptoms
reduced severity & frequency of IBS symptoms


Clients wanting weight loss
sustained target weight for longer than 12 months


Clients with diabetes
lowered their hb1ac levels and lost weight


Clients with kidney disease
improved symptoms of kidney disease

Your Personal Nutritionist in San Francisco is Just a Click Away

Technology has made it possible for people to accomplish many things without having to leave the safety of their homes. This includes going to hospitals and health care facilities for consultations. But before you start your online search, consider the following factors when picking a virtual pediatric nutritionist:

Available Hours

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If you're open to working with dietitians based in faraway states, find one that's amenable to talking to you to accommodate your time demands. They must be willing to find a schedule for medical nutrition therapy that's comfortable for all parties. Additionally, they should know that your consultations will involve a child or a teenager, so having them when it's late where you are (or too early) may not be the best setup for you.


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All registered dietitians and nutritionists have the necessary skills and training to help you come up with an effective care plan for your kids. The one thing that sets one specialist from another is their experience. You want to work with someone who specializes in pediatrics and can work with exceptional cases. Ideally, they have been in the field for several years and have encountered similar cases to yours. You may want to ask them directly or check out their online information and see if they publish their qualifications on any online platforms.

Trust Ratings

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One of the best ways to gauge a dietitian's skills is through their trust ratings. It's the people they have worked with or are still working with that can give you a better understanding of how good they are at what they do. Trust ratings can be found on their websites or social media pages, typically including testimonials of previous clients and patients. Online is the best place to find unfiltered feedback from real people who have had access to their products or services. Of course, you need to take these reviews or testimonials with a grain of salt. Some of them will not be accurate, like when a particular client complains about wait times without knowing that their food and nutrition experts had to attend to an emergency case and never meant to make them wait. People are more likely to follow a medical expert online if they have more experience. Their virtual audience, while not absolute, is a good indicator of their service quality. You can trust them with your health if you see clients who can vouch for them and have been with them for years or even decades. We exclusively work with the greatest dietitians in the industry at Top Nutrition Coaching. Learn more about our staff today.

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About San Francisco Specific Registered Dietitians

In San Francisco, the Graduate Certificate in Dietetics includes a Dietetic Internship Program at SF State. This internship and certificate program is exclusive to students who have finished or are nearing completion of a Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD). DPD is typically a bachelor's degree in dietetics, and interested parties are encouraged to visit the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (A.N.D.) for additional information on DPD and other Dietetic Internship programs.

Get Over the San Francisco Hurdles and Get Back to Health 

7.4 million people were documented as obese in 2011-2012 in California alone. Despite obesity being a known risk factor for more serious conditions like type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and certain types of cancers, the prevalence persists because of things beyond people's control.

In San Francisco, the prevalence of obesity is due to factors like the inaccessibility of fresh produce and accessibility of convenience stores and fast foods. Other factors include neighborhood safety, which discourages people from buying healthier options located in not-so-safe areas. Insufficient parking availability is another thing that prevents people from getting their supplies from grocery stores, especially if they have their kids in tow.

Many believe that social and environmental policies could make it easier to promote positive dietary changes and encourage more active lifestyles. Obesity is widespread in California, with San Francisco making up 11% of the overweight/obese population.

Ethnicity played a role, too, because of flavor preferences in diets that could include rich ingredients with lopsided macronutrients. For people who wish to turn their health around, it's never too late to find the best pediatric nutritionist in San Francisco. Obesity may be a widespread problem, but it's still reversible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes an expert nutritionist?

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When searching for a registered dietitian nutritionist or pediatric nutritionist in San Francisco, make sure you work with one who's professional and who has a strong desire to help you reach your goals. They also should have a way of communicating with kids.

How much does a pediatric nutritionist cost in San Francisco?

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Some nutritionists in San Francisco offer free initial consultations or chemistry consults to see if they match with the clients. After that, it usually costs somewhere around $100-$200 for checkups and follow-ups. This price may still change based on the food and nutrition experts' experience or the case being handled.

What does a two-week risk-free trial mean?

An image of an arrow icon
The 14-day risk-free trial is a short period where clients in San Francisco will access premium benefits and services and terminate them without paying anything. Should they be pleased with how things worked out, they can continue the nutrition programs and get charged using their preferred payment method.

What does the matching specialist help with?

An image of an arrow icon
A matching specialist is a person assigned to assess your needs and can refer you to a medical professional who will know how to address your concerns. In your case, the matching specialist will find you a dietitian with experience in pediatrics who ideally practice in San Francisco.

What if I don't like the recommendations a matching specialist provides?

An image of an arrow icon
You always have the choice to opt-out of your San Francisco-based food and nutrition experts aren't what you expected. If it's within the trial period, you can terminate services without paying anything. If you go over the trial period, you may have to consult with the people you worked with regarding any fees you need to pay.

Full Transparency Pros and Cons 

Going online nowadays gives you access to more nutrition options than you can count. But how do you know which one will work best for you or, more importantly, your kids? Here we discuss all the things you have to consider and their benefits and drawbacks: 

In-Person Consultations Vs. Online Nutrition

Safety: COVID-19 has made it impossible for the rest of the world to return to the way they were before. But people learned to adapt, and now, even medical consultations and nutritional counseling are done virtually. After all, it is the safer alternative, especially for individuals who have comorbidities and don't want to risk getting sick, by doing face-to-face consultations instead of going to health care facilities. Nowadays, finding a registered dietitian nutritionist is a lot easier too.

But as much as virtual consultations are safe, a video session may not be enough for your nutritionist to give you a complete examination. In-person checkups allow medical professionals to pinpoint the source of a problem based on evidence that is easier to examine in person (skin color, elasticity, abnormal marks, etc.)

Availability: You can do online consultation with a nutritionist running a private practice located thousands of miles away. If you're in San Francisco, you may want to start your search with a phonebook. It'll take time to get an appointment and even more time driving or traveling to get to your consultation and back to your home again.

Cost: When it comes to the price, there's no telling whether in-person consultations are better than online nutrition sessions and vice versa because the cost depends more on the experience of the specialist than the medium of consultation. More experienced nutritionists handling more complicated cases will likely charge more than dietitians with significantly less field experience.

Online Meal Plans Vs. Diet Companies

Is It Convenient? Online meal plans are easy because you can do a random search online, send a direct message, then have the food with your chosen calorie amount on its way to your home in hours. But, although this sounds amazing, you have to note that these plans don't take your kid's daily activity levels or sensitivities into consideration. 

Diet companies more or less provide the same service, but it might take longer for them to process your orders with their more extensive clientele. To maximize the products and services of both online meal plans and diet companies, use the advice of a registered dietitian in conjunction with their offerings.

Fees: Online meal plans or meal delivery services are often owned and operated by individuals. The meals are not prepared in an industrial kitchen, with no way to account for quality control. The fewer people and processes involved in the meal prep, the lower the costs. Diet companies have more complicated systems that involve more manpower, making their products more expensive.

Success: There are limited options for meal plans tailored to the needs of the individual ordering them. While there might be specialty services catering to keto and paleo, these companies are unlikely to meet their customers' nutritional objectives beyond measuring food macros. However, diet companies have a more comprehensive and well-organized menu, which you can consider an advantage. But ultimately, there is no human on the other side of that meal and their effectiveness still doesn't compare to care plans provided by registered dietitians.

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