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Patrice Hubert

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I am a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist with over 10 years of counseling experience. I have recently completed my PhD in Health Promotion, exploring the role of tailoring and preference in improving health behaviors in college women. I am certified in Childhood & Adolescent Weight Management, with significant experience working with young adults. I specialize in working with clients with weight concerns, disordered eating, diabetes, and heart disease, behavioral health, college nutrition, and those looking to remove the power food may have over them and begin to heal that relationship.
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Education & Credentials

Doctor of Philosophy in Health Promotion Sciences from University of Connecticut
Master of Science (MS) in Nutritional Sciences from University of Connecticut
Bachelor of Science (BS) in Dietetics from the University of Connecticut, Coordinated Program

Areas of Expertise

Overall Health and Wellness
10 years
Weight Management
7 years
Disordered Eating
6 years
5 years
Heart Disease
6 years


Natchaug Hospital
University of Connecticut Student Health & Wellness
2012, 2016-2022
Connecticut Children’s Medical Center Outpatient Nutrition Counseling
Wilson Gray YMCA

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My coaching style

I believe that food and our diets should never come in the way of us enjoying our lives. Helping clients to let go of that power society has deemed food in our lives is something I strive for. I understand the importance of tailoring and the role preference has in what we choose to eat and that there is never a one size fits all approach, customization is key! While working together, expect me to listen and validate your concerns, fears, doubts, insecurities. I will always meet you where you are and help you choose the best course of action.
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Food is here to fuel us and not to rule us. No matter what your goal is, having a healthy foundation and relationship with food is key.
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Patrice Hubert


Many of my publications are research focused throughout my career. I have presented at 6 international conferences in the realm of preference, tailored nutrition, and health promotion.

Relevant Publications:

  1. Hubert, P., Mahoney, M., Huedo-Medina, T., Leahey, T., Duffy, V. Can Assessing Physical Activity Liking Identify Opportunities to Promote Physical Activity Engagement and Healthy Dietary Behaviors? Nutrients. 2021; 13, 3366. nu13103366
  2. Hubert P., Papasavas P, Stone A, Swede H, Huedo-Medina TB, Tishler D, Duffy VB. Associations between Weight Loss, Food Likes, Dietary Behaviors, and Chemosensory Function in Bariatric Surgery: A Case-Control Analysis in Women. Nutrients. 2019;11(4):804. doi: 10.3390/nu11040804.
  3. Harris J., Frazier III W., Fleming-Milici F, Hubert P, Rodriguez-Arauz G, Grier  S, & Appiah O.A qualitative assessment of US Black and Latino adolescents’ attitudes about targeted marketing of unhealthy food and beverages, Journal of Children and Media. 2019; 13:3, 295-316.
  4. Zoghbi M, Stone A, Papasavas P, Swede H, Hubert P, Tishler D, Duffy VB.  Evaluating taste preferences and dietary quality with a simple liking survey: Application in bariatric treatment settings.  Bariatric Surgical Practice and Patient Care. 2019 14(1):41-48.

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