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Manju Karkare

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I am an integrative and functional Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, specializing in gut health and weight management. I have gained vast experience from over 20 years of helping people manage chronic illnesses and bring vitality to their life. I have a Masters in Nutrition from University of Kentucky and I am a Certified LEAP therapist. Growing up in a vegetarian family of healthcare providers and learning to cook from my grandmother and mother, instilled in me the importance of the intimate relationship of food in health and wellness. Coming from a different culture increased my interest in learning about the food culture of all people I have worked with over the decades.
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Education & Credentials

University of Kentucky, MS in Nutrition
Fellow of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management
Certified LEAP Therapist (Food sensitivities)
Excellence in Service Award, Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine
Outstanding Dietitian of the Year Award, North Carolina

Areas of Expertise

Overall Health and Wellness
20+ years
Heart Health (CHF, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure)
20+ years
Weight Management
17 years
Gut Health (IBS, IBD, Intolerances, Diverticulitis/Diverticulosis)
12 years
Thyroid Disorders
12 years
Oncology (Prevention, Recovery)
5 years
Disordered Eating
5 years
Mediterranean Diet
20 years
20 years
Autimmune (Celiac, MS)
12 years
Liver Disease (Fatty Liver)
12 years


President/CEO, Nutritionally Yours LLC, NC
Corporate Wellness Provider, Business Health Services
Pathways to Change Leader, Duke University
Cooking Matters Volunteer Instructor
Chief Dietitian, Symmes Hospital, Woburn, MA
Clinical Dietitian, Brookhaven Memorial Dietitian, Brookhaven, NY

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My coaching style

I am here to help you achieve your goals. I use my decades of experience and compassionate, trusting, relationship building nature to focus on each individual as a unique and whole person. Personalizing strategies to suit you where you are for maximum results is the core of my approach. I want to be your partner in this journey, providing you suggestions, accountability and even being here to just listen.
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Manju Karkare


I have been included in the following publications:

  • Journal of Nutrition: Effect of dietary calcium on colon carcinogenesis induced by a single injection of 1,2-dimethylhydrazine in Fischer-344 rats.(Jan. 1991)
  • CPE Reviewer- Nourish: The Definitive Plant-Based Nutrition Guide for Families
  • Instagram: @manjurd
  • Twitter: @manjukarkare
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Client testimonials

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Manju Karkare
I can’t say enough about how great it was working with Manju. Aside from being incredibly caring and personable she is so smart and has an enormous breadth of knowledge about foods, supplements, illnesses, and even medications. I had a series of digestive problems and she was able to guide me with regard to what foods and supplements were good or bad for me. My diet was limited for awhile but Manju was able to come up with tasty recipes which made it so much easier to not feel deprived. She is very patient, never made me feel rushed and was able to help me will all of the issues I presented to her. I would recommend her without reservation to anyone needing nutritional guidance.
Robin K.
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Verified client
I'm very appreciative of having someone like Manju who is grounded in science and knows so much about plant-based eating. She's knowledgeable about gut health and the neuroendocrine system.
Naomi K.
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Verified client
I had suffered with GI symptoms including pain, bloating, heartburn, etc. that affected my life in significant ways for many years and had tried many different pharmaceuticals, supplements, diets, etc with only minimal or temporary relief. Since working with Manju, my symptoms have progressively diminished and are now completely absent. Manju is very knowledgeable and extremely easy to work with. She's realistic, patient, encouraging without being demanding and listens well. While she has recommended some additional supplements, she has also encouraged me to reduce or discontinue others, so I'm not taking fewer medications/supplements than I was when we began to work together. I have already told several friends about her and would recommend her very highly.
Helane F.
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Verified client
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