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Justin Klein

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I am a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist with over 13 years of counseling experience. My Bachelor's degree is in Health and Exercise Sciences, and my Master's degree is in Dietetics. I am also a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD). I specialize in working with a variety of athletes from high school to professional to tactical athletes, and anyone looking to upgrade their overall health and wellness. Personally, I was an athlete growing up - involved in various sports both in high school and college. Professionally as a dietitian, I have now worked with a World Series champion and a Super Bowl champion during their careers. Both players struggled with nutrition early in their careers, but I encouraged them to make nutrition, hydration and sleep more of a priority, establish good fueling schedules. Our work together has helped not only their performance, but also career longevity, as both players have now been in their respective professional leagues 10+ years.
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Education & Credentials

Master of Arts (MA) in Dietetics from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
Bachelor of Science (BS) in Health and Sports Sciences from the University of Oklahoma

Areas of Expertise

Athletic Performance/Sports
10 years
Weight Management
13 years
Overall Health and Wellness
13 years
Veterans and Military Service
5 years
Body Composition/Weight Management
10 years
Pediatrics (High School)
10 years


Centers Health Care
2021 - present
Federal Staffing Resources - Army H2F
University of Georgia Athletics

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My coaching style

I believe that nutrition is often the limiting factor for performance. Nutrition should not be a tedious task we should stress about each day and I believe no food is “off limits.” All foods have a place in a balanced diet. There is not a “one size fits all” when it comes to nutrition and I want to help you make small, sustainable, realistic changes to your eating and movement patterns to help you achieve your goals. A small change can make a tremendous difference!
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I am passionate about helping you achieve your long-term health and nutrition goals. I will work hand-in-hand with you to develop an individualized plan that fits your lifestyle. Together, we will unlock the power of nutrition, health and lifestyle to help you make informed decisions to improve your health.
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Justin Klein


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Client testimonials

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Justin Klein
When we first started with Top Nutrition, our 15 year old daughter was lethargic, light headed and tired easily while still working towards her goal of becoming a D1 basketball player. As parents, we just wanted our daughter to feel better.... It wasn’t because she was worried about her body or gaining weight, she honestly just didn’t understand how to feed/fuel her body with the proper nutrition. Since working with Justin, she’s more mindful about food choices, has way more energy and competes at a higher level because she now understands the importance of good nutrition. Whether it’s running her next race, competing in her next basketball game, or individual workouts Justin coaches her on what to eat right before, during and after those events. I would highly recommend Justin to any athlete! He’s patient and teaches nutrition in a way that makes it sound so simple!
Amber P.
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Verified client
Over the course of three kids, 9 years, and a busy job (running / owning a business), I gained weight.... I tried many variations of diets, but they were never sustainable... I met Justin and found him to have a mindset that matched exactly what I was looking for. He wanted to start with small changes, and he was very careful to assess how "sticky" those changes could be (meaning, we aren't going to do anything that isn't sustainable). Physically and mentally, I am beyond thrilled with the weight loss. I love to eat, I enjoy food, and I love to train. I can fully say that I feel like I have made no sacrifices in the quality of life that I have around food while still being able to lose all that weight in that timeframe. I could not have achieved this without the guidance and consistent support of Justin. He has helped me unlock what for me has been a constant nine year challenge in a way that feels incredibly sustainable. I am planning to continue with him indefinitely as I have more goals that I want to achieve, and I am fully confident he will be able to help guide me to those outcomes.
Jack O.
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Verified client
I wanted to lose weight while building muscle/accountability. Justin helped me get my mind off of diets like KETO or intermittent fasting which were not helping. He's professional and knowledgeable!
Jennifer K.
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Verified client
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