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Erin Kuh

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I’m a registered dietitian combining my 12 years of experience with a passion for helping people live their most vibrant life possible. I help bridge the gap between confusing diet and nutrition information into practical and effective approaches to help you achieve your goals, whether it’s weight loss, managing and preventing disease, or performing at your highest level. I have worked with clients ranging from weight loss, pre-Diabetes and Type II diabetes management to collegiate and endurance athletes. Due to my own journey through SIBO and being diagnosed with Celiac Disease a few years ago, I understand firsthand what it’s like to have a chronic condition and how overwhelming it can be to navigate dietary restrictions. In my spare time, I enjoy camping and traveling with her family, volunteering with my church, and helping coach my kids’ sports teams.
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Education & Credentials

B.S in Food Science and Nutrition from Chapman University
B.S. in Nutrition from University of New Mexico (UNM)
MBA from Dominican University

Areas of Expertise

Weight Management
12 years
Athletic Performance/Sports
5 years
Heart Disease
12 years
Gut Health
4 years
5 years
5 years


The Plate Shaper
Southeast New Mexico College
2018 - Present
Crandall Corporate Dietitians
2013 - 2018
Alere Wellbeing

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My coaching style

I’m a dietitian, not the food police. I’m here to help you find the foods and eating pattern that best supports your physical and mental well-being to help you not only prevent or manage disease but live your best life possible. Good nutrition should taste good and make you feel amazing!
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Think of me as your travel agent. You tell me your final destination and together we’ll create a route with your preferences. We might hit detours along the way but I’ll be there every leg of the journey!
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Erin Kuh


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Erin Kuh
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