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Destini Moody

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I am a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist and Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD) with over 5 years of counseling experience. Watching my grandpa slowly suffer from diabetes complications, losing all kidney function, his left food and then his sight, inspired me to understand the connection between diet and disease. This was a fundamental education gap missing in an African American household. I went on to complete my bachelor’s degree in dietetics, become a personal trainer, and ultimately specialize in sports. I love to work with college and professional athletes, as well as others looking to generally improve their athletic performance, change body composition, and optimize their overall fitness. You will also find me featured in sports-nutrition related articles by the Food Network, Men’s Journal Forbes Health, and more.
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Education & Credentials

Graduate Certificate in Dietetics from San Francisco State University (SFSU)
Dietetic Internship at San Francisco State University (SFSU)
Bachelor of Science (BS) in Dietetics from the University of Southern Indiana

Areas of Expertise

Athletic Performance/Sports
6 years
Body Composition/Weight Management
6 years
Overall Health and Wellness
6 years
Disordered Eating
2 years
Weight Gain
6 years


NBA G League
2020 to present
San Francisco Giants
University of California - Berkeley
2018 - 2021

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My coaching style

I know the life of an active individual is busy, so I believe in working with my clients to build a better lifestyle that is convenient for their schedule, budget and food preferences. I never impose my own morals, judgment or practices of other clients in my counseling and am committed to individualized care. Although I've worked with professional athletes, I believe everyone looking to gain muscle, lose fat or optimize their athletic performance deserves access to elite-level sports nutrition coaching. Let’s take the journey together through gradual changes and warm support to build a stronger, healthier you that will endure long after we finish meeting.
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Every active individual deserves access to elite-level sports nutrition coaching when they need it.
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Destini Moody


Food Network Interview on the Myths of MSG

Men’s Journal Interview on the Worst Myths about Muscle Building

Outside Magazine Interview on the Nutrition of Plant-Based Burgers

U.S. News and World Health Report Interview on the Efficacy of Protein Bars, Shakes and Supplements

Ghost Writer of 4 Weight Loss and Wellness Cookbooks: Flat Belly 365, The Essential Cookbook for Men, Low-Calorie Weight Loss Cookbook, Prediabetes Weight Loss Solution

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Client testimonials

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Destini Moody
Destini's guidance has been invaluable in achieving my weight loss goals. I'm thankful for her ongoing support!
Aaron A.
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Verified client
Destini at Top Nutrition Coaching has been an incredible support to me on my weight loss journey. I appreciate her expertise and always look forward to each of our sessions together. Highlights of my week.
Helen W.
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Verified client
I started working with Destini to enhance athletic performance, and she has helped me in more ways than just the one. Not only have I made gains in athletic performance, but I have also gained more confidence and overcome mental barriers surrounding food & eating. Destini has always been very supportive of me throughout my time working with her, and I am extremely pleased with my newfound confidence and knowledge surrounding nutrition!
Peyton S.
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Verified client
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