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Danielle Smith

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For the past 8 years, I have worked as a Registered Dietitian in a variety of settings. As a personal trainer, I initially got into nutrition to fuel my body, but my focus shifted as my health declined. I was diagnosed with Celiac disease, Lyme disease, SIBO, and hypothyroidism. Because of my own battle, I've learned what a huge role nutrition plays in treatment/recovery! I love working with clients who have these conditions because I know first-hand what works and understand the frustration of not knowing what to eat. I also have experience working with other G.I. disorders, eating disorders, diabetes and weight management. On another personal front, my struggle with PCOS and the consequent years of amenorrhea due to over-training unveiled yet another nutritional domain I'm passionate about: fertility. The journey wasn't easy, but in the end I learned firsthand the power of informed nutritional and lifestyle changes on hormonal balance and fertility, and I was blessed with twins. Let me help take away the fear and bring enjoyment back to eating as you recover your health.
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Education & Credentials

Dietetic Internship: University of Nevada Reno
California State University at Northridge (2009-2013)
Training in Nutrition for SIBO- National University of Natural Medicine (2017)
Certified Weight Loss Coach- Lifetime University (2014)

Areas of Expertise

Athletic Performance/Sports
8 years
Weight loss/Overall Health and Wellness
8 years
Celiac/Food Sensitivities/ Food Allergies
8 years
Gut Health (including SIBO & IBS)
6 years
Disordered Eating
6 years
Diabetes (Pre, Gestational, Type 2)
6 years
Heart Health (Dislipidemia)
6 years
6 years
6 years
6 years
Autoimmune (Lyme Disease, RA, Thyroid Disorders)
6 years


Outpatient Dietitian - Rehab Without Walls
2020 - present
RD - Eat Well Live Well LLC
Clinical Dietitian - Vida Health
Consultant Dietitian - Long Term Care
Clinical RD - Northern Inyo, Kaiser Permanente, Northstar Behavioral Hospital
RD - Avante Medical Center
NASM CPT, Nutrition & Weight Mgmt Coordinator- Lifetime Fitness

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My coaching style

I provide you with a nonjudgmental space to help make sense of the abundant nutritional information. I collaboratively develop a personalized eating plan with your health goals in mind. I use intuitive eating and mindfulness based strategies to support long-term health that encompasses mind, body, and spirit. Let me help you discover how eating well can fit into any lifestyle.
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Let me help take away the fear and bring enjoyment back to eating as you recover your health.
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Danielle Smith


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Client testimonials

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Danielle Smith
I cannot eat anything with gluten, eggs, peanuts, hazelnuts, or dairy. I have been underweight, and having various digestive symptoms and fatigue. My mom found this company online and I was then introduced to Danielle Smith and it changed my life! She is EXCELLENT .... She coaches me through difficulties I have ..... She is a great listener and encourages my well-being. She always sends me recipes and a review of our sessions so I she them to reference back to. And the best part is she is always checking in on me and making sure I’m feeling well. After working with her for 2 months I have gained weight (which was the goal), drink 60oz of water a day (which before I drank up to 15oz), feel energized, and am so happy. Thank you so much for all the guidance !
Juliana A
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Verified client
My goals are to reduce bloating/gas/intestinal discomfort and gain weight My gastric discomfort was improved drastically after Danielle helped me figure out I needed to cut dairy. However that resulted in a drop in my weight, so I wasn’t too focused on the number on the scale as much as I just wanted to feel good.
Rachel O.
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Verified client
Danielle has literally changed and saved my life. She has been the biggest blessing one could ever ask for!... I have never felt better, never felt so good, and never LOVED FOOD so much! Danielle has also assisted me in finding other issues outside of Nutrition. Helping me ask the right questions with my Primary Doctor to find the root cause of my symptoms. I would recommend Danielle to absolutely everyone who will even listen. She is so informative, so patient, and so incredibly kind. She never makes you feel judged, even when I say I’ve cheated on my diet… she listens to your frustrations and sympathizes with you, and genuinely tries to help you. If you need Nutrition Assistance, 10000% I would recommend Danielle.
Kristina F.
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Verified client
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