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Jessi Holden

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Meal planning
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What to expect in your first session with this dietitian?
We start our initial by breaking the ice and getting to know one another. I love to learn about you, what you do, what you enjoy, favorite foods, pets if you have them, kids, etc. Next, we start diving into what you’re really looking for and what you’ve done in the past if anything to work toward this vision. Although I know it can be hard to hear I do like to discuss how most health goals take time and are all about slow and gradual changes that are sustainable. Typically, with most of my clients, we walk through a day in your life from morning tonight so I can get a feel for what your habits are currently. From there, we set some of our initial goals and if needed, we cut those goals in half to make sure they are very doable. We also start to address any other needs, especially in the kitchen with cooking and oral planning, prepping, etc. Although I do want counseling with my clients, I am a culinary dietitian by trade who focuses on helping families and individuals enjoy their time in the kitchen. We finished the session by figuring out When we will meet next and how we can communicate in between sessions to make sure that you don’t go in between sessions without support as needed!
Approach to care
I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a master's degree in Nutrition and over 10 years of nutrition and culinary counseling experience. Personally, I have danced since I was 5 years old. Fueling my body used to be a challenge, as I often fell into a comparison mode and struggled with body image. However, I've since worked through that, relearned, and adapted to new behaviors. I have taught cooking classes to adults, teens, kids, and families. Now, I feel confident dancing and teaching, and I help people find joy in movement and food without feelings of shame or punishment. My specialties include working with clients who want to develop a healthier relationship with food through Intuitive Eating, clients who want to improve their cooking and meal prepping skills, postpartum moms, clients who want to prevent or improve chronic medical conditions, folks with gut health concerns, and those who need help improving their overall sense of well-being.
I have two kids that I take care of during the day so a lot of my life revolves around caring for them. I am also a dance teacher and choreographer and enjoy teaching dance and dancing myself. Reading with a cup of coffee in the morning after I do my strength training Is another favorite pastime of mine. My husband and I love going for hikes, strolling through target, and working on house projects together. All of that, I got my own food blog called The Kitchen Invitation, where I help people learn meal planning skills and do recipe creation as well.
More About This Dietitian
I have a no size fits all approach to nutrition and believe food is meant to be livable, doable, and fun. I believe the kitchen is the best place to learn and that no foods are off limits. I practice nutrition by listening to you, meeting you where you’re at, helping you make small changes overtime and enjoy all the bites along the way.
Education & Credentials
B.S. in Dietetics from Central Michigan University
M.S. in Nutrition from Central Michigan University
"This Dietitian helped me get my life back”
Gia M.

Jessi has really helped me with my understanding of how food fuels the body and my relationship with food. She's great at helping me set and attain achievable goals and helps me reassess when I need to make adjustments. She also has great recipe recommendations.


Jessi is amazing! She's really been able to understand my needs and put together realistic and achievable goals! She's really helped my mentally get over a lot of blockers I've had pertaining to food. I truly think of her as a friend! I feel very lucky that I was paired with her!


Working with Jessie was like working with a longtime friend. She applied her years worth of experience and knowledge to customize an approach that was right for me. I gained confidence quickly and developed an even stronger relationship with my body and my food. During our weekly sessions, I always learned something new and our touchpoints throughout the week helped me get real time feedback and work through pain points. Now I can trust myself having had the right coaching and support to launch me forward on my journey!

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