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Deb Stegman

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Heart Health
Aging Adults
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Exercise guidance
Meal planning
Intuitive eating
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What to expect in your first session with this dietitian?
Our first session we will focus on getting to know each other and making sure you are comfortable with me and with the process. We will take a deep dive into your wellness goals, what has been successful in the past, and what your struggles and barriers are to meeting those goals. I will do a full nutrition assessment that will include reviewing your social history, health history, medical conditions, diet and exercise history, and your stress level and how you deal with stress. Together we will develop strategies to help you make small changes that will lead to big results and set the foundation for lifelong healthy eating. I will provide a some health education/discussion to start filling your "health tool box" and encourage you to take your first steps toward change. We will also save some time to do a little housekeeping such as reviewing the Healthie App, how we will connect between meeting, your journaling, your care plan/goals/education materials and more. By the end of the first session you will have taken your first step in your wellness journey.
Approach to care
I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and ACE Certified Health Coach with over 20 years of counseling experience. I graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a BS Degree in Nutrition & Food Science/Dietetics. I specialize in working with clients who have overall health and wellness goals, and those interested in avoiding chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and even helping individuals to quit smoking and manage stress. Personally, my focus and "superpower" throughout my career has been empowering people to take an active role in their health and wellness by providing them the tools to make positive lifestyle behavior change. If you're unsure of where to start, or how exactly nutrition, exercise and weight impact the chronic disease concerns you have, I'm here to help!
I have been blessed with a wonderful family and great friends who I love to spend time with camping, hanging out, attending events for our older children, traveling, enjoying college and pro sports, and more. I also love my 'book club ladies' and enjoy reading and listening to audio books (some good some not so good) and meeting with the girls once a month for a glass of wine and a great discussion. And I get a lot of joy out of 2 fur-babies (dogs) Elvis and Stella who keep me busy make me laugh each day.
More About This Dietitian
I have a passion for helping others meet their wellness goals by providing nonjudgmental, empathetic, and compassionate support and encouragement. Each person I work with comes in with their own set of values, physical and emotional needs, life stories, family and work commitments, health struggles, and yes wins & losses at the “dieting game”. I am here to help guide you through the chaos to a personal solution to meet your goal. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. We will work together to set small, achievable goals that will lead to lasting long term success. I find joy in each session actively listening to client’s small wins, breaking down the barriers to change, and finding your next step together. When you are empowered, I am empowered. When you are successful, I am successful. When you are happy, healthy, and committed to taking an active roll in your health... I have done my job well.
Education & Credentials
B.S. in Nutrition & Food Science, Dietetics from Middle Tennessee State University
Dietetic Internship Family Health Council, Pittsburgh Pa
ACE (American Council on Exercise) Certified Health Coach
Tobacco/Nicotine Cessation Certificate, Breath PA
"This Dietitian helped me get my life back”
Gia M.

My goal was to lose weight but Deb helped me to understand that I was at a healthy weight for a senior. Instead we focused on planning and eating healthy nutritious meals. All of her suggestions were supported by the literature she gave me which was another plus. I plan at some point to continue my journey with Deb.


What a great experience it was to work with Deb. She helped me with a heart healthy diet and informed me of foods that are beneficial, rather than just food I shouldn't eat.


My coach Deb was amazing! Top Nutrition Coaching is motivational and educational, and Deb was perfect. She helped me with the DASH Diet and I am now much more informed!

Beth L.
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