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Annette Snyder

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Overall Health & Wellness
Weight Management
Heart Health
Gut Health
Aging Adults
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Functional medicine
Meal planning
Supplement management
Diagnostic lab testing
Intuitive eating
Relationship with food
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What to expect in your first session with this dietitian?
During the first session, we'll take some time getting to know each other and determine what things you'd like to focus on first. My aim is to provide you a safe, nonjudgmental space to share your story, including what you've been struggling with and what you've tried in the past. We'll go through pertinent medical history, your eating and activity habits, and any other items needed for me to complete a thorough nutrition assessment. Tough questions welcome! I will also provide any education needed in order to help you understand the 'why' behind your plan. We'll review what tools and resources are available to you as we work together, and talk about how I can support you between sessions. We will set some achievable, realistic goals to work toward, and talk about how they fit in to your long-term vision. To achieve your goals, we start with small but effective action steps that you'll work on between sessions. This approach helps you establish lasting habit changes that benefit you long-term.
Approach to care
I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with over 19 years of nutrition counseling experience. I have a master’s degree in human nutrition and am a Board Certified Specialist in Obestiy & Weight Management (CSOWM), though I also utilize the Intuitive Eating approach where needed. I specialize in working with clients who have a history of chronic dieting and are seeking to make lasting habit changes or repair their relationship with food, as well as those seeking help for gut issues, heart health, diabetes and pre-diabetes, and menopause. My extended family has dealt with an extensive number of digestive issues, from Crohn’s disease to ulcerative colitis to eosinophilic esophagitis to IBS. Seeing them struggle and knowing that nutrition can help improve their lives, and the lives of clients dealing with similar issues, is what drives me to push harder. I have heard so many stories of people feeling unheard at the doctor’s office; granted, medical providers have limited time with patients. I make it clear to my clients: I have the time and I will listen. No one should need to suffer and feel like they’re dealing with their health challenges on their own.
I'm a fan of having time to myself--it's how I recharge. I enjoy listening to podcasts about history and science, watching 'old' movies (especially from the 90s), walking outside, doting on our pets, relaxing in my backyard hammock, and baking bread from scratch.
More About This Dietitian
I aim to provide a welcoming, non-judgmental environment, and assume nothing about eating habits or food history until I’ve heard your story. I believe there are no “good” vs “bad” foods; food has no agenda. I believe it’s important to provide the ‘why’ behind common nutrition issues and how food choices affect them. We set realistic, sustainable, achievable goals along the way, according to what you are ready for. Nutrition should not be a mystery, and I am here to help unpack it with you.
Education & Credentials
MS in Human Nutrition from South Dakota State University (SDSU)
BS in Family & Consumer Sciences-Dietetics from South Dakota State University (SDSU)
Board Certified Specialist in Obesity & Weight Management (CSOWM) from the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR)
Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management from the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR)
Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor Training via intuitiveeating.org
"This Dietitian helped me get my life back”
Gia M.

I worked with Annette after I was not able to recover from food poisoning. Annette was a tremendous wealth of invaluable knowledge and she helped me understand what foods would trigger stomach issues. She was also able to advise me on how best to actually heal. Before I met Annette, I was quite sick, having lost 40 lbs in about 3 months after getting food poisoning and i was left unable to eat most foods. While doctors prescribed medication, they did not have the capability to advise on nutrition like Annette did. I started seeing improvement with Annette In about 2 weeks after enduring months of agony, tests and different doctors. Annette really knows what she is talking about and I reccomend her wholeheartedly.


annette has been so wonderful to work with. she helps to educate me on a day to day basis about any dietary concerns or symptom management questions that i have. she reassures my worries throughout the process, and helps me feel supported when i reach out. she takes the time to read my journal entries, and follows up on their content during my sessions or in the comments. she's mindful about the process and takes things slowly, which i feel has been effective so far. she's helping me make gradual change and investigate the root of the problems that i have. having only worked with GI doctors before and never a dietician, i have really felt seen and heard throughout this process, and appreciate the accessibility when it comes to reaching out to Annette on a day to day basis.


Working with Annette feels like having a true friend on my wellness journey. She has taught me a great deal and I appreciate everything I've learned from her, but more than that I leave every interaction with her feeling supported and powerful.

Olivia T.
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