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What is breakfast?
As the name implies, breakfast breaks the overnight fast that occurs when your body sleeps.
Why is breakfast important?
Consuming breakfast can boost energy levels, improve focus, and prevent overeating.
What if I skip breakfast?
Skipping breakfast increases chances of being overweight and makes it harder to meet fruit & vegetable recommendations.
What should breakfast include?
A balanced breakfast should include a whole-grain, a lean protein, fruit/vegetable, and a healthy fat.

How can you improve your score?

Ask your dietitian these questions:

Should I eat as soon as I wake up?
Eating within a few hours of waking is ideal but the timing of your first meal may vary based on individual preferences, daily routine, and nutritional needs. There's no one-size-fits-all answer!
Is it okay to skip breakfast if I’m not hungry?
Listening to your body's hunger cues is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy relationship with food.  However, it's important to ensure that you're still meeting your nutritional needs throughout the day. Ask your dietitian for advice on building a fueling schedule.
Why am I still hungry after breakfast?
Feeling hungry after eating breakfast can occur for various reasons. Here are some things to consider: meal composition, portion size, mindfulness. Discuss with your dietitian what changes you can make to start the day feeling energized and satisfied.
What should I eat for breakfast?
The perfect breakfast is one that suits your individual tastes and nutritional needs. Consider incorporating a balance of whole-grains, lean proteins, fruits or vegetables, and healthy fats. Keep scrolling for some breakfast inspiration. Ask your dietitian how you can modify these ideas to meet your individualized needs and preferences.

Finding the Perfect Breakfast:

TRY overnight oats,  frozen breakfast burritos, smoothies
No time?
Not hungry?
TRY smoothies, parfaits, protein bars, trail mix
Don't like breakfast foods?
TRY leftovers, PB&J sandwiches, cheese & crackers
Don't know what to eat?
TRY protein pancakes, egg bites, chia pudding, breakfast quesadillas, pancake tacos, baked oatmeal
Eating Out?
TRY McDonald's egg white delight McMuffin with a fruit cup, Starbuck's spinach, feta, and egg white wrap, Chick Fil A's egg white grill sandwich with a fruit cup