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Meredith Kane

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Meredith is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with over 8+ years of counseling experience. As a Registered Dietitian and certified mindset coach with a Master’s in Public Health, Meredith specializes in disordered eating, weight management and body recomposition, pre-diabetes, and performance nutrition for the everyday athlete.
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Education & Credentials

B.S. in Dietetics from the University of Delaware
Master’s in Public Health from Syracuse University & SUNY Upstate
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Health Mindset Coaching Certification

Areas of Expertise

Weight Management
5 years
Athletic Performance/Sports
2 years
Pre-diabetes & Diabetes
5 years
Disordered Eating
5 years


Meredith Kane Nutrition
Ascension Lourdes Hospital
Loretto Health & Rehabilitation

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My coaching style

I believe your mindset and relationship with food are the foundations for making sustainable nutrition changes. This means empowering you through nutrition knowledge, mindset work, behavior change, and practical application to find flexibility in your nutrition. I want to help you understand how to fuel and nourish your body with foods that you like and that align with your goals so you can worry less about food and have more time, energy, and mental space to live your most authentic life.
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Regardless of what your nutrition goal is, you have to work with food to achieve that goal. I’m here to help you build a solid mindset and stop fighting with food so you can eat with confidence and feel healthier, stronger, and fitter in your body.
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Meredith Kane


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Meredith Kane
Meredith at Top Nutrition Coaching is amazing! Her very personalized approach to nutrition coaching has transformed my life. With her guidance, I've achieved my weight loss goals and improved my overall health.
Alexis V.
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Verified client
Meredith's expertise and dedication have made her the perfect partner on my wellness journey.
Terry M.
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Verified client
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Verified client
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